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What Are Some Of The Best Recommendations For Permanent Floor Mats?

Best Recommendations For Permanent Floor Mats

The importance of floor mats can never be ignored because these hard floor coverings serve a range of purposes. Adding to that, there are many different types of floor mats available on the market namely entryway mats, anti-fatigue mats, water-absorbent mats, etc. Depending on the type of floor mat, they will offer distinct characteristic features and various functional benefits.

And having that said, permanent mats are one such type of floor mats that comprise an anti-slip backing to let them stick to the ground under heavy usage. These floor mats are specifically designed for wet and spill-prone environments like bathrooms, kitchens, garages, etc. Coming toward the material composition, you’ll find rubber and PVC mats as the most used material choices.

The Best Non-Slip Mats Recommended For Heavy Usage

As mentioned above, permanent or anti-slip mats comprise rubber or PVC materials, it becomes needless to say that these are one of the most durable, resilient, and serviceable floor covering options.

Coming toward the aspect of versatility, these permanent mats can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, fitness areas, staircases, and outdoor areas like slippery porches, decks, or swimming pools.

In today’s article by Mats Dubai, we’re going to enlist some of the most popular and best recommendations for anti-slip mats that will add to the visual appeal of the space besides proving to be functionally beneficial for your place.

1. No-Slip Safety Mat By AliMed

No-Slip Safety Mat By AliMed

Irrespective of whether this mat is wet or dry, it will offer a supreme amount of traction to never let the person fall or slip from over the mat surface. This permanent mat is specifically designed for the bathroom environment but can also be placed in any spill-prone interior or exterior space.

One of the most significant features of this floor mat is the ultra-thin structural composition that never lets this may become a hurdle for walkers or wheelchairs. Also, this anti-slip mat is available in pre-cut, pre-measured, and cut-to-length rolls for offering an ideal fit to any and every space requirement.

Not to mention that the grooved surface of this floor mat can easily trap dust, dirt, and moisture. Besides, this floor mat being black in color can complement the decor and theme of any and every interior.


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2. Anti-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat By Epica

Anti-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat By Epica

If you’re looking to purchase an anti-slip floor mat comprising real rubber material, then there could be no better option than this machine-washable permanent floor mat for you. Not only this mat will protect you against slip and fall injuries but also its great design will add to the visual appeal of your space.

For added traction, this rubber floor mat comprises suction cups in its design that restrict the movement of the mat even when submerged in water. Also, the rubber material used to manufacture this mat has been treated with an antibacterial agent thus, there will be no mildew and mold buildup.


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3. Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Mat By VersaTex

Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Mat By VersaTex

Besides good traction, this multi-purpose floor mat features heat resistance and waterproof qualities that make it a competent choice for permanent floor mat options. Adding to that, this mat can resist up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit on the heat scale and is also repellent to oil, water, and other fluids.

This rubber floor mat is designed to be placed in the bathroom and also has been treated with antimicrobial and fungistatic agents. Adding to that, you will find this permanent bath floor matting in three different sizes and can choose the one compatible with your space requirements.

4. Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Floor Mat By ComfiLife

Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Floor Mat By ComfiLife

Looking for an option that besides being anti-slip provides comfort and relaxation when underfoot, then this anti-fatigue floor mat can be an ideal choice. Speaking of the material composition, the core of this non-slip mat comprises a thick high-density foam thus, reducing stress on your joints and muscles.

Ideally placed in front of the kitchen sink, this non-toxic foam mat is waterproof, stain-resistant, and offers ease of cleaning. Besides, you won’t only enjoy the benefits of comfort and added safety but also the minimalistic design of this floor mat will function to uplift the aesthetics of your place.


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5. Aqua Square Shower Stall Floor Mat By SlipX Solutions

Aqua Square Shower Stall Floor Mat By SlipX Solutions

Made from vinyl, this anti-slip floor mat is specifically designed for shower stalls and similar moisture-prone spaces. Coming toward the mat design, the backing comprises suction cups for added traction and therefore, won’t let this shower stall slip under your feet. Also, there are small holes in the mat surface for optimum water drainage.

And having that said, you won’t find any mold and mildew build-up besides getting rid of the problems of dust, dirt, and debris. For cleaning purposes, this floor mat being machine-washable, won’t pose any hurdles at all. No need to mention that this anti-slip floor mat is manufactured from high-quality vinyl and is extremely durable as well.


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6. Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat By Bubble Trax

Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat By Bubble Trax

If you’re seeking a floor mat that offers comfort underfoot besides being non-slip in nature, then Bubble Trax offers one such heavy-duty floor mat to fulfill your requirements. This anti-fatigue floor mat features chemical resistance and high durability which makes it stand up to wear and tear from extensive daily usage.

Coming toward the anti-fatigue factor, you’ll enjoy a cushioning effect for added comfort and relaxation because of the spongy base material. In addition to that, you need not to fear any tripping hazards because of the sloped chamfered edges and anti-slip backing technology of this PVC floor mat. All these beneficial features add up for compelling us to add this excellent permanent floor mat to our list of the best floor matting recommendations.

In Conclusion

By listing some of the best permanent floor mat options, we’ve restricted/limited the number of choices available for you to have a selection. With that being said, you need to take your personal user preferences and the cost-effectiveness factor into account for making the right choice of permanent floor matting for your space.

Because some types of mats will function ideally in a certain space while others look to be perfect for other case scenarios. Also, the choice of permanent floor mat should be made considering the extent of characteristic features offered by the product.

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