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Top 10 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2024

best yoga mats

Everyone wants a comfortable yoga mat with a sufficient grip to prevent slipping. A yoga mat should be portable, which means it is easy to carry at all the desired places like home, park, gym, and studio where you want to do yoga.

If your yoga mat is slipping on the floor, it means it didn’t meet your requirements and failed to provide you the stability and cause slipping constantly. This creates a massive fuss for you, and you can get annoyed by using it. You would not maintain even your posture while practicing yoga on a bad yoga mat.

You must maintain your postures for the benefits of doing yoga because when your postures are wrong, then the primary purpose of doing yoga has been killed. Whenever you choose the best yoga mat, keep all your specific needs in mind. Three key features can define whether the yoga mat is good or bad. These features are support, comfort, and best grip.

Many people find it challenging to choose affordable yoga mats with the best quality for practicing yoga. It is not a laborious task at all, so we have brought this article to help you choose the best yoga mat. We will discuss the top 10 yoga mats to buy in 2024 that fit your desired requirements of practicing yoga on them.

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2024

In this guide, you will learn about the top 10 yoga mats to buy in 2024 that will help you practice yoga efficiently. Let’s look at the best yoga mats one by one:

1. Rumi Earth-sun Yoga Mat

Rumi Earth-sun Yoga Mat

These yoga mats are designed using the best material, like natural rubber with a cotton blend. It has fantastic features that make it unique from other yoga mats. It helps you make a perfect grip by supporting you in maintaining your postures while practicing yoga.

It is a lightweight yoga mat, and you can fold it like a cloth and easily carry it with you. The mat offers extra durability and can’t get rough faster. It provides stability, and you didn’t slip while doing yoga.

It can also absorb sweat, and you will not slip because of its moisture. After doing yoga practice, you can easily clean it with a cloth by dipping it in vinegar and water solution.

Many Customization options.
Keep your home surface cool as it works as a good insulator.
Gives an elegant look to the outdoor area.
Easy to maintain
Increase your home value.
You can refinish it many times.

Expensive to buy.
Prone to water damage.
Subject to scratches

2. Manduka Yoga Mat

Manduka Yoga Mat

This mat is thicker and larger as compared to other average-sized mats. This mat provides excellent supportability and efficiency in keeping a grip while doing yoga. Most yoga trainers recommend it because of its unique features.

If you want to get a more dense and supportive yoga mat, then this would be the best choice for you to get. This mat is eco-friendly and made with natural tree rubber and biodegradable material. It absorbs the sweat, and you will never slip while doing yoga practice.

It requires low maintenance.
Easy to install.
Durable flooring type.
Available in various unique colors.
You can also recycle it.
UV resistant
Low Absorption Rate.

Expensive to get.
Permanent colors and not be repainted.
Dark colors will fade with time.

3. Hugger Mugger Earth Elements 5mm Yoga Mat

Hugger Mugger Earth Elements 5mm Yoga Mat

Hugger Mugger is a lightweight mat that is so easy to carry from home to your yoga studio or any desired place where you want to practice yoga. Hugger Mugger mat is designed using lightweight thermoplastic elastomer, a non-toxic, biodegradable material.

Hugger mugger is one of the ideal mats options for yogis. It can be available at very low prices and can be recycled easily. This mat can easily be cleaned after yoga practice.

Stylish and modern option.
Easy to maintain.
Cheap to buy.

Cheap material used.
Water Absorbing.
Can cause health issues.

4. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Jade Yoga mats are best for people who sweat while practicing yoga. It provides an excellent grip and prevents slipping even during sweaty yoga classes. Jade yoga mats comprise natural rubber and offer a non-slippery surface to the users.

It offers plenty of various colors which you can get according to your choice. This non-slip yoga mat for sweaty hands will be the best choice if you get so much sweat during yoga practice.

Easy to maintain
Low Cost
Available in various impressive designs

Keep the floor cool
Slippery and hard
Time-Consuming to install

5. Yogi Bare Teddy Mat

Yogi Bare Teddy Mat

Yogi Bare Teddy Mat is also another best mat from the top 10 yoga mats to buy in 2024. It is created with a natural rubber blend with fiber toweling technology. Yogi bare mat has outstanding features like it is supportive, foldable, machine washable, and available in impressive designs.

It is the best machine washable yoga mat for practicing as it is sweat absorbent with excellent grip and lightweight and efficiently carried out. Get this mat for making your yoga practice smooth and effective.

Easy Maintenance.
Easy to install.

Expensive concrete pavers.
No flexibility in changing size and color.
It does not offer beautiful designs.

6. Liforme Mat

liforme mats

Liforme is the best yoga mat for doing alignment work, as it has prints on its surface that help you form the desired alignment. These mats are eco-friendly and extremely sticky, with a signature alignment system.

This yoga mat with lines is made of natural rubber that helps you make a firm grip while practicing yoga. Get this best yoga mat with alignment lines if you want to practice yoga according to the alignments because it will help you do yoga efficiently.

Available in various fantastic styles.
Perfect fit for your outdoor area.
Quick and easy installation.
Easy to remove
No adhesives are required.
Easy to maintain.

The rubbery smell lasts for 2 to 3 months of installation.
Limited styles
Heavy in size.

7. Yoga matters Eco Flow Mat

Yoga matters Eco Flow Mat

Yoga matters Eco Flow mats are made with pure, sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. It can be readily biodegradable, recyclable, and give you the best grip while doing yoga with different postures. It also provides a luxurious finish that is comfortable to lay down and a smooth surface.

It is best for eco-conscious yogis, and they can easily practice yoga without slipping. You can easily roll it and take it anywhere you want to practice yoga.

Easy to maintain

It gets hotter in sunlight
Can cause toxicity

8. Cambivo Extra Long and Wide Exercise Mat

Cambivo Extra Long and Wide Exercise Mat

The standard yoga size mats didn’t fit people of all heights. The people with tall height need a long size mat for their yoga practice. It is the best yoga mat for tall men and women, which helps them stretch into every position without feeling too small for your practice.

These mats are specially designed for taller yogis and provide extra comfort for a better workout. Get this mat if your height is over 6 feet, and easily practice yoga.

Low in cost, with exceptional results.
Prevent weed growth by itself.
Easy to install
Create any design with it.

It does not work well with the furniture.
Uncomfortable to bear feet.
Requires maintenance and constant refilling

9. Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat

Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat

Lululemon reversible mats are best for both wet and dry conditions. They provide the best gripping feature, and you can’t slip while doing yoga, no matter on the dry and wet surface.

These mats are best at absorbing moisture and preventing bacteria from building up because of their antimicrobial material.

They are durable, provide excellent traction, and are springy enough with great cushioning to support your bones and joints. Get these mats if you want to practice easily in dry and wet conditions without slipping.

Shock absorbent
Easily cleaned
Easy to maintain
Available in stunning designs and colors

Putting heavy material can cause a dent in them.
Less durable.

10. Gaiam Extra-thick Non-slip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Extra-thick Non-slip Yoga Mat

During routine exercise, Giam Extra-Thick is the best thick non-slip yoga mat that provides an excellent cushioning feature that protects your body, especially the joints. This mat sticks to the place because of its excellent traction and superior grip. These mats are lightweight, extra-thick, affordable, and suitable for tall people.

If you want to get the best non-slip yoga mat with all-in-one functionality, choose it because it is best for all yogis.

Prone to allergic elements
Increase home value

Too expensive.
Some polished stones can get scratches quickly.
Natural stones of the same type are difficult to find


This is all about the top 10 yoga mats to buy in 2024 for practicing yoga efficiently. I hope this article might be helpful for you and you can select the mat that can match your requirements easily. If you have any queries regarding this, you can ask by posting a comment.

Yoga mats have a bumper side on which you have to practice. If both sides of your mat look bumpy, then choose the side that has more pronounced bumps on it.

You can buy yoga mats from our website by placing an online order and getting them from the market.

A good quality yoga mat ranges from $50 to $100.

If your mat’s upper layer is slippery, then spray a bit of water on it and then out a quick-drying microfiber towel on its top.

Blue is considered the best color for a yoga mat. Other popular colors used in yoga studios include different shades of purple and lighter pink.

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