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Luxury Outdoor Mats Dubai

Mats Dubai presents to you the finest-grade and most durable Outdoor Mats, for helping you create statement decors. These amazing mats for outdoors seem the most attractive exterior décor element in the first place. Next up, comes their functionality which will keeps all of the harmful factors away from living spaces, leaving them significantly well-maintained.

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Luxury Outdoor Mats Dubai

Outdoor Mats Dubai; The Heavy-duty and Durable Outdoor Matting 

Our top-quality outdoor mats in Dubai feature solid and sustainable construction, which makes them last long and stay the most functional during the entire time span. The most common construction materials used for these mats are coir and rubber, which are greatly flexible regarding any and every requirement and can easily withstand all the wear and tear, as well.

How Our Quality Outdoor Matting Favors Your Interiors

Our premium quality Outdoor Mats Dubai impressively contribute to both the beauty and comfort enhancement of your places. Not to mention the added benefit of easy maintenance, as post the placement of these mats, your interiors are less prone to getting accumulated and contaminated. Besides, this way they also ensure the most promising protection of your home floorings and carpets from damage likely to take place due to abrasive particles that get carried along with footwear.

So it goes without saying that investing in this super affordable matting will significantly help you save all of your other major investments, in a smart manner. Another plus point of this walkway matting is that it prevents any furniture displacement, which is a very common phenomenon, and you can always enhance all these features by opting for thicker versions.

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Technical Specifications Of Outdoor Mats Dubai For Patio

Our exterior door mats are completely green products and since they are mostly manufactured from recycled materials, they turn out to be greatly sustainable, too. The standard thickness of this outdoor welcome matting is 5mm to 40mm and you can find multiple suitable options according to your needs, like these:

  • 24″ x 39″ – 7.50lbs
  • 30″ x 48″ – 11.60lbs
  • 30″ x 60″ – 15.30lbs

Endless Benefits Of Outdoor Mats In Dubai

Our outdoor mats Dubai come with striking aesthetics and using them will be more than beneficial for you in several ways. This kind of outdoor flooring adds a significant appeal to your floors and it can easily withstand higher levels of foot traffic and impact damage, as well.

Moreover, our outdoor rubber flooring roll mats feature super firm and anti-slip surfaces and therefore they notably increase the safety extent of all the floors.

Here are a couple of other noteworthy plus points of our outdoor matting:

  • They keep your interior spaces perfectly clean and maintain the best hygiene.
  • These mats come in a versatile range of colours, styles, and shapes.
  • They are great at absorbing moisture and therefore add to walking safety.
  • These mats are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are completely affordable and stay functional for several years on end.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Some of the major factors to consider while choosing outdoor matting include hard-wearing build quality, heavy-duty functionality capable of withstanding external damage, fast-drying, easy-maintenance and resistance to fading. Adding to that, synthetic materials work wonders as outdoor mats.

Yes, you can totally keep outdoor mats Dubai outside all the time as they are designed specifically for exterior environments and can easily withstand all the wear and tear and atmospheric damage, such as Sun damage, rain, snow, foot traffic, etc. However, a reasonable upkeep is the key to mat durability.

18’’ x 30’’, 21’’ x 33’’ and 24’’ x 36’’ are the most common outdoor matting dimensions, suitable for a vast majority of front and back doors. Though these sizes work fine most of the time, you can also get size customizations from us, depending on your requirements.

The best way to dry your outdoor matting post a cleanup is to let it air dry and for this purpose you can hang or lay your rug or hang it in an upright position under sunlight, so as to make it dry quickly and also stay safe from mold or mildew build up.

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