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Are you looking for a quality floor covering solution for your horse? If yes then you are at just the right spot, we at Matsdubai.ae have come up with some incredible flooring that is Horse Mat Dubai. These horse stall mats provide comfort and convenience to your horse along with a sound protection against extreme conditions.

Durable Horse Mat Dubai

Horse Mat Dubai Is The Most Functional Matting

Our premium quality horse mat Dubai not only serves as the most comfortable matting within your farms and stables but also carries out various other useful jobs. In the first place, this matting works as a barrier for the subfloor, keeping all the impact damage at bay. In the same way, these rubber mats protect your animals from all of the discomforts of the subfloor, including the atmospheric intensities, as well.

Our Versatile Mat Varities

The Premium Manufacturing Of Our Horse Mat Dubai 

These sublime standard horse stall mats mostly feature a rubber crafting, however, sometimes they are also constructed using high density EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam. Often the rubber comes from recycled sources which implies the fact that these mats are an entirely eco-friendly product.

As for the size dimensions of these mats, the standard options include 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 6 and 12 by 12. Also, the 10 x 10 is a fine recommendation for all average sized horses and these mats are the easiest to manage too.

Noteworthy Benefits Of Horse Mat Dubai

Our versatile and durable horse rubber mats are widely available in an amazing range of colours, designs, and sizes. Their higher resilience and heavy-duty functionality make them a cost-effective investment. They will turn out to be the most comforting for your animals and impressively serviceable for you.

Explore the mainstream advantages of our Horse Mat Dubai:

  • The foremost plus point of these rubber horse stall mats is that they stop the horses from digging in the surface of their stalls, which in fact is their natural instinct.
  • These mats make it the easiest to manage the stall floor and to maintain good conditions of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • They keep the excessive cold from the subfloor from reaching the horse (or any other animal), therefore protecting it from even the slightest discomfort.
  • These mats are durable and resistant to both atmospheric and impact damage.
  • They effectively reduce the extent of fatigue for the animal, which is otherwise the most likely to hurt them, specifically in case of concrete subfloors.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Yes, our quality Horse Mats Dubai comes with the highest convenience of maintenance which makes them really easy to deal with. These mats are completely waterproof so there is no chance of animal pee getting absorbed in the mat structure, rather all the fluid(s) simply pools on the surface, thus implying an easier cleaning. Also, no nasty odors develop this way and you can easily ensure maximum safety for your animals.

Our all-exclusive Horse Stall mats come with excellent build quality which explains their greater durability and heavy-duty performance. These mats can easily stay functional for more than two decades depending on the extent of utilization. Besides, you can have the  life span of these mats efficiently prolonged by ensuring good maintenance. 

Horse Mats Dubai are widely available in a number of different sizing choices, the most common ones of which are 2 x 2 feet, 3 x 3 feet, 4 x 6 feet and 12 x 12 feet. Apart from these portable versions, you can also have various other size dimensions for these quality floor mats, starting from 10 x 10 feet and can also have size customizations if a right fitting style isn’t easily available. 

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect horse mating for your stables and farms. Your chosen matting must feature an adequate level of thickness (at least ¾ inch), a proper drainage system and it should not give off any strong odor. Waterproof structure and slip-resistance are also really crucial properties to ensure while buying new mats for your horses.

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We are the first-rate mat suppliers in the UAE, featuring incredible verities of the most functional Horse Mat Dubai. Our quality stall matting ensures maximum comfort and safety for your animals and of course, a legit mental peace for you. Do get in touch with us today and make the most out of our exclusive pricing deals available for the best horse stall mats.

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