Our Policy On User Conduct: Terms & Conditions

Mats Dubai is an ever-growing and popular supplier of flooring products and services in the UAE. Our digital presence as well as our physical existence (flooring shops) makes customers trust us more. The basis of our relationship with customers is pure trust, exceptional quality, and affordable pricing.

A defined set of rules for safe and secure customer interaction is what we believe in and hope that our customers will keep this bond intact. Under the umbrella of the Terms Of Service for Mats Dubai comes user responsibilities, prohibited website usage conditions, intellectual properties, disclaimers, and account termination explanations.

Besides, the governing laws and limitations on liability for damages or losses that may arise from the use of our website have also been devised.

The Terms Explained For Better Understanding Of Users

The following terms you will encounter when surfing different pages on the Mats Dubai website.

1. We/Our/Us

The terms “We”, “Our”, and “Us” are specifically related to the website owners and explain the products and services offered by the website owners under different sections.

2. You/Your

The terms “You” and “Your” directly points to the potential buyer or customer or user and occupied areas i.e. homes, offices, commercial settings, etc.

3. The Content

The content on our website is solely written for promotional purposes and features a mix of commercial, informational, and transactional intents. It’s uncertain and subject to change without prior notice to the customers.

4. The Products

The Products listed on the website are available in stock but up to no certain limit. The company believes in a “First come, first serve” policy, and pre-order bookings are registered only on fractional payments.

How Can Users Accept Our Terms Of Service?

Whenever a potential buyer or user visits our website, they can accept our website’s Terms Of Service (TOS) through one of the following steps.

A Click-Through Agreement

The user is presented with the TOS and must click a checkbox or a button indicating that they have read and agree to the terms before proceeding to use the website.

A Sign-Up Agreement

When users sign up for a website account, they are typically required to accept the TOS as part of the registration process.

Website Disclaimer!

The information is by Mats Dubai and while we make every effort to keep the information up to date and accurate, there are no guarantees, promises, or assurances as to the accuracy, suitability, reliability, or availability concerning the content, products, services, and graphics on the website.

Copyright Issue!

The website and its contents are the copyright of Mats Dubai. Therefore, any kind of redistribution or reproduction of a part or all the content from the website for commercial purposes is illegal and shall be legally dealt with.

However, you may download or print the content or its extracts for personal and non-commercial usage purposes. One should remain mindful that any legal activity can’t be carried out against the company on grounds of website content as evidence.