Premium Quality Artificial Grass Dubai

Artificial Grass Dubai by Mats Dubai is one of the best home improvement and décor choices that can significantly make a difference. Our finest quality fake turf Dubai, in the first place, is an incredible alternative to natural grass and comes with a whole lot of other functional perks too. It works wonders as a decorative addition and is meant to last for decades on end.

high quality artificial grass in Dubai

Glamorize Your Homes With Artificial Grass Dubai

Our quality outdoor/indoor and terrace fake grass is simply the most mind-blowing addition you can ever make to your places. This astroturf is a low-cost, low-maintenance, and extremely cost-effective solution to add a whole lot of green beauty and ambiance to your places when you don’t want to deal with natural grass anymore.

The plushest carpeting created by our Artificial Grass Dubai feels beyond delightful and is a great way to accentuate your home décor in a completely timeless manner.

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Our Fake Turf Dubai Features The Most Excellent Build Quality

Our finest quality artificial turf is constructed from a number of different materials, such as PP (Polypropylene), Nylon (PA) and PE (Polyethylene). This grass contains the pure and strong polymer of C8 grade, way better than standard standard choices comprising C4 grade polymer.

Coming to the physical attributes, our Artificial Grass Dubai comes in the form of rolls, with the standard length of 25 mm and the width measurements are either 2 mm or 4 mm. You can get different thickness (pile height) levels for this grass, ranging from 10 mm to 38 mm, depending on the application area and its purposes.

Worthwhile Features Of Our Artificial Grass Dubai

This fake grass, of course, is an incredible investment regarding the betterment of your homes and your personal wellness. Besides, its premium build quality and timeless durability add to its entire worth.

For a quick idea, here are some of the pros of getting this incredible treatment for your places:

  • This fake grass treatment is incredibly versatile and can be done in all areas, both indoors and outdoors, most prominently the example of Terrace Artificial grass
  • The entire construction of this astroturf is free from VOCs, and other harmful chemicals or irritants, thus contributing greatly to good indoor air quality.
  • This grass floor treatment is completely pet-friendly and cannot be damaged by pets either, unlike real grass. Besides, it’s totally safe for children, too.
  •  Maintaining our artificial grass Dubai for balcony is extremely easy, effortless, and low-cost and there’s no irrigation, mowing, pesticide/insecticide/fertilizer application required.
  • This grass comes with the most flexible and versatile design options and you can seamlessly create any of your desired décor with it.

Get Our Incredible Skill Set Of Artificial Grass Installation Dubai

Speaking of the Fake Turf Dubai treatment, we’ve got you completely covered on the installation side as well. Our premium-grade services of the artificial grass installation Dubai feature the most timeless excellence and you’re meant to benefit infinitely from these services. From taking measurements all the way to the final fitting, you can entrust each and every step to be done with utmost perfection by our professionals.

Adding to that, the entire sill set of Artificial Grass Dubai installation is totally pocket-friendly, just like the super affordable fake grass price Dubai. You can get your places scheduled for this treatment right in the comfort of your home and don’t need any walk-in shopping either.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Yes, our high-quality astroturf is pet-friendly as it is completely non-toxic in nature. Besides, it cannot get damaged by the pets either, unlike the natural grass which is prone to getting affected by claws, nails or by the digging instinct.

Artificial grass can be easily folded whenever needed, however it’s likely to get creased while doing so. Therefore the best way to prevent artificial grass from creasing is to roll it and never fold it when there’s a need for storage.

Mats Dubai is one of the best providers of high-end artificial grass installation services in Dubai, along with the finest quality astro turf products as well. Here you can get affordable fake grass installation projects with the guarantee of long-term serviceability.

For a typical or normal-sized garden, the project of artificial grass installation is likely to take up to a day or two maximally. And depending on the garden or area size, the project can consume an additional one or two days, such as those spaces which are larger than 100 square meters.

The thickness of artificial grass ranges between less than 10 mm and more than 50 mm and the selection can be made depending on the purpose and the footfall intensity of the space under consideration. For instance, 25 mm and 40 mm thick artificial grass works fine for most of the residential lawns and gardens.

What Makes Our Astroturf Dubai The Worthiest Treatment 

Our premium-grade artificial grass in Dubai is, in the first place, the best and most worthwhile idea of a long-term flooring treatment. It does majorly outperform most of the flooring systems and of course the natural grass setups, i.e. lawns or gardens. Speaking of the functionality, this fake grass is a great way to upgrade your home floors, since you can have the fitting both indoors and outdoors, and it will totally save the day for you, in case you’re done with regular floors and most importantly caring for real grass!

With this incredible addition to your places, you can put a complete end to nearly all of the concerns of yours, ranging from floors getting affected by different aspects or going bad ahead of time. That’s because this flooring treatment is one of the cheapest yet most long-lasting floor covering options which will promise you the best value for your money.

Just reach out to us today and we shall be transforming your places with this incredible home improvement.

Why Choose Us?

Mats Dubai is the first-rate provider of the finest quality grass flooring in Dubai. Not only our astroturf treatment features the most exceptional standard but also the pricings are extremely budget-friendly to acquire. This way, you can effortlessly revamp both your home and office interior and exterior on a budget and can totally expect the greatest cost-effectivity from this project. Do visit our Artificial grass shop in Dubai today and get your homes accentuated to the ultimate next level!

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