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Mats Dubai brings you Custom Wallpaper Dubai as the finest wall covering, a treatment that is incredibly high-performance, stays durable and seems the most pleasing. At our first-rate wallpaper shops in Dubai, you will come across a whole lot of mesmerizing options of high-quality wallpapers and can also get your desired wallpaper ideas custom created from us.

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Transform Your Home Décor With Our Custom Wallpaper Dubai

Our wallpaper fixing services are the most mind-blowing and timelessly beneficial manner in which you can revamp the whole look of your places. We are the best-rated wallpaper suppliers in Dubai and have got you the ultimate compilation of quality wall treatments. Our exqusite custom wallpaper is a great alternative to traditional paint jobs and it’s the kind of home improvement that combines both beauty and benefits like none other, ultimately best suits all furnishing stuff, particularly customized furniture.

You’re welcome to shop for the trendiest styles of wallpaper wholesale in Dubai and bestow your homes with a really long-lasting beautification.

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Versatile Versions Of Our Luxury Wallpaper UAE

Our wallpaper lineup is an infinite spectrum, comprising the most adorable and purposeful wallpaper varieties to go well with all sorts of residential settings. From bedrooms to living rooms and even commercial spaces, we stock a suitable and highly complementing wallpaper style for each place. Speaking of the wallpaper quality, they are completely washable and scrubbable, as well as highly stain-resistant too.

Moreover, we’ve got you multiple types of Custom Wallpaper Dubai too, and the popular ones of them are Liner wallpaper, Vinyl wallpaper, Printed wallpaper, Bamboo wallpaper and Foil wallpaper. Their standard thickness ranges between 0.80 mm and 2.8 mm, however you can also get thicker versions. A standard roll is 10 m long and nearly 53.5 cm wide.

The Aesthetic And Functional Worth Of Our Custom Wallpaper Dubai

Our all-exclusive wallpaper fixing Dubai services are the most guaranteed way of reviving your entire home in a really instant yet durable way. Up ahead, we’ve compiled some of the major perks of getting this treatment for your homes and offices:

  • Our custom-made wallpaper is the most useful and purposeful alternative to paint jobs, as it’s incredibly tough, long-lasting and heavy-duty.
  • Getting our wallpaper fixing services works as the most skillful and seamless repair of all your flawed walls.
  • The addition of custom wallpaper Dubai is an extremely effective way to adorn your home interiors, without having to create detailed decors or any splurging. For instance, they combine really well with all carpet and rug styles.
  • These premium quality wallpapers are perfectly stain-resistant and easy to clean, thus a favorable choice for homes with kids and pets.
  • Unlike chemical-induced wall paints, these wallpapers feature a completely non-toxic profile, which is free from VOCs too, therefore maintains a good air quality indoors.

Get Our Proficient And Pocket-friendly Wallpaper Fixing Dubai

We’ve got you the entire essentials of a wall treatment under one roof and with the most promising excellence. Given the fact that DIY wallpaper fittings backfire in majority of the cases, our adept wallpaper fixing services will save you from the slightest possible trouble and ultimately your money, as well. These services not just function as a wallpaper fitting but also majorly comprise the improvement/restoration of your walls, as well.

In addition to the new wallpaper fixing Dubai, we also provide wallpaper removal services in Dubai, which is to say that you can get the entire skillset compiled from us and don’t need to get troubled for seeking services regarding all the essential procedures.

Just give us a call or send an email and we shall be reaching out for your places right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our wallpaper fixing Dubai can be done to any and every surface, given the condition that it’s perfectly flat and smooth. Apart from walls, this can include metal and glass surfaces, splashback surfaces and even ceilings, too.

The most frequently used wallpaper sizes are 100 square feet, 300 square feet and 500 square feet. And you can make use of a wallpaper calculator to come up with precise measurements beforehand.

Our custom wallpapers Dubai come with the finish options of Gloss, Semi-gloss, Matte and Textured coating or finishing. You can have all sorts of color, print, design and texture customizations.

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Mats Dubai is the place where you can get all the desired improvements of both your residential as well as commercial spaces, along with expert advice too. We aim to transform your places in the most worthwhile manner for you and leave no stone unturned in this regard. Besides, all of our services lineup comes at amazingly affordable price ranges and you can benefit from it without any concern. And our Custom Wallpaper Dubai services aren’t an exception, transforming your places like never before. Do reach out to us today and get the ultimate best of everything!

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