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Customized Printed Mats Dubai

In this modern era, everyone wishes to get printed floor mats. So we at Mats Dubai provide customized printed door mats in a number of different designs and textures.

Our printed mats Dubai create a warm welcoming atmosphere and give an everlasting impression to your guests. Customize your mats today in a unique range of textures, colors, and designs.

Customized Printed Mats

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Our typical design of mats give an elegant and trendy look to your place and can be used in hotel entrances, restaurants, offices, homes, and at the entrance of rooms.

These leopard doormats give a welcome feeling to your loved ones because of their beautiful printing and textures. Our printed mats Dubai is available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors and come at a cost-effective price range.

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Manufacturing Details Of Printed Mats Dubai 

Our custom printed floor mats are manufactured using the finest quality fabric materials and these mats last long. The fabric we used during the manufacturing is on customers’ demands.

We give print-on-demand doormat services to our dearest customers, logos are printed onto mats using a computerized process. Our printed mats Dubai comes in different thicknesses and sizes range from 5 mm to 35mm thickness.

Striking Features Of Printed Mats In Dubai 

We at Matsdubai provide printed mats with logos so that the business holders can print the preferred logo on mats and place these mats at their office entrance.

Our printmat gives a trendy and elegant look because when you enter an office or hotels and homes the first thing you see is a doormat.

Apart from this our printed mats in Dubai provides you with several other benefits, let’s jump to look at them;

  • You can customize these mats according to your preferred design & print.
  • These mats give a warm welcome feeling.
  • Come at a cost-effective price range.
  • These mats are manufactured using durable materials, so they last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Our quality printed Mats Dubai come with a vast versatility regarding construction materials and you can easily find a suitable choice for you. Some of the most common materials used for making these mats are Polypropylene, Nylon,  Microfiber, Natural Rubber, Coir and Cotton. All of them are super easy to maintain and extremely resistant when it comes to moisture damage and staining. 

Yes, you can totally vacuum your Logo Mat, just like you would vacuum any other carpet or mat. Besides, you can also hose it off thoroughly, followed by letting it out to dry before using it again. However, if you don’t want to do either procedures to your mats, you can simply consider professional cleaning services for them, which will of course, guarantee the most flawless outcomes.

Start by dusting off your custom mat to take out any loosened debris or dirt. Next up, you can saturate it thoroughly and can make use of a mild detergent to give it a good cleanup. And in case of some stubborn stains or accumulation, you can take the help from a degreaser and a scrubbing brush, however never scrub too vigorously. Finish off by rinsing your mat thoroughly and it should appear tidy like a new one. 

The standard thickness of our Printed Mats Dubai ranges anywhere between 25 mm and 1 inch, and this thickness level works just fine for most of the usages. Besides, you can always have the thickness increased by requesting customized services, if you’ve got any particular requirements or simply want more comfort. 

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We are top-notch mats manufacturing & supplying company offering you premium quality printed mats Dubai according to your designs and textures. If you want to customize your mats in a beautiful range of colors and designs then get in touch with us.

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