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Mats Dubai brings you the serviceable and durable addition of Barrier Mats Dubai for all of your outdoor, entrance and exit spaces. Featuring the highest build quality, these incredible mats will contribute to maintaining a perfect hygiene within your places, as the foremost advantage. They do beautify the outdoor spaces as well, making them way more welcoming.

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Our Outdoor Barrier Mats Are Supremely Heavy-Duty 

Made from sublime quality rubber and other synthetic materials, our outdoor matting will provide you with the safest, most comfortable and highly clean floors. Their specialized surfaces tend to absorb all the grime, dirt, dust and bacterial buildup, thus preventing any harmful element transfer to the living spaces.

These mats do the styling job most perfectly too, as you get multiple color, pattern and most importantly size options to choose from.

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Why Our Barrier Mats Dubai Are Worth Investing In

The addition of these quality mats to your interiors is a great way to make them way more comfortable than before. Besides, they do bring about a great deal of convenience to your lifestyle as well, the foremost example of which is the better maintenance of your place. As they effectively keep all the contamination away from the living spaces, you can easily maintain the most hygienic interiors. Over and above, placing quality and comfortable mats at various spots is something that is highly recommended by nearly all the flooring manufacturers, both soft and hard.

That’s primarily because of the dirt trapping nature of the Barrier Mats, as they tend to keep all the abrasive particles away, which could be a potential hazard for carpet fibers and floor finishes. This way, you can easily make the most out of your floor treatments and can also make them last long.

Major Specifications Of Barrier Mats Dubai

These quality barrier mats come with two distinctive types of constructions, i.e. either the synthetic fibers or 100% cotton. This goes the same for the mat backing as well, which is either made of PVC backing or a rubber backing, for additional strength, resistance and support.

Our Barrier Mats Dubai come in the standard sizing of 1-1/2 feet by 2-1/2 feet (18 inch by 30 inch) which goes perfect for both front as well as back doors.

Versatile Types Of Barrier Mats In Dubai 

Our all-exclusive barrier matting in Dubai comes in various distinctive versions, which are mostly style-based, so as to best fit each and every outdoor/indoor space.

Earrier Mattingntrance B

These mats work wonders in both the entrance and exit areas by keeping all the dust and dirt buildup at bay and also by making these spaces pleasantly welcoming.

Barrier Mat Runner

With their higher resistance to impact, moisture and foot traffic damage, these barrier mat runners greatly add to the safety and the beauty of the stairs.

Barrier Logo Mats

You can have the customization of the barrier mats and barrier door mats with your desired logos, which is a major requirement in professional and commercial settings. Moreover, you can also order the customized printing mats of your favorite messages or phrases.

Rubber Backed Barrier Mats Dubai 

Since backed by rubber, these mats are highly resilient when it comes to withstanding all the wear and tear, foot traffic and impact damage. They stay durable and make the entrance areas a lot more comforting and inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Barrier Mats, in the first place, are the flawless way to ensure walking safety for everyone and they make a great first impression, as well, Placing them at the entrances or exits of your residential or commercial premises will ensure keeping the interior spaces more hygienic and well-maintained as they keep all the pollutants and microbes away. Also, these mats are essential to reduce the extent of damage for your soft and hard floorings. 

Our quality Barrier Mats Dubai are made of a number of different materials and you can have a selection based on your usage requirements. The major types of barrier matting involves PVC/plastic or aluminum construction, along with the additions of Nylon, Carpet, Rubber or PVC scrappers, in order to absorb all the foot traffic impact and general wear and tear. These mats are available in various size dimensions and you can also get customizations to find the best fit.

Barrier Matting is one of the most easy-to-maintain floor coverings and since it is made of resilient waterproof materials such as PVC, rubber or aluminum, you can easily wash it to upkeep it in a better way. You can make use of a pressure washer or simply a hose to get the job done. Besides, if you want to go for a minimal version of maintenance, you can simply vacuum your barrier mats thoroughly to get rid of all the trapped dust, dirt and buildup.

Selecting the perfect mat for your place depends on various factors and you need to consider them, in order to come up with a favorable purchase. In the first place, you need to ensure that your barrier matting provides a perfect fit for your carpet, so that you can achieve better outcomes when you place it next to the carpeting. Next up, you can look for the fact that both your or your visitors’ feet should be well accommodated by the mat, i.e. the mat provides enough room for placing both feet at a time.

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