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What To Look For When Choosing Outdoor Matting?

Tips for choosing outdoor mats

Door mats or entryway mats are floor-covering options that carve the all-important first impression of your personality and lifestyle on the guests. Besides, there are numerous functional benefits of having a mat placed at the entrance of your home.

Adding to that, the choice of an elegant, stylish, and functionally purposeful entryway mat is equally important as the choice of an interior decor element. Because, these are doormats that will prevent dust, dirt, debris, and grime from progressing further into the interior thus, helping you keep the interiors clean.

Besides, the chances of slip-and-fall accidents are greatly reduced by the placement of a mat in moisture-prone environments like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, etc. Not to mention that different types of floor mats serve distinctive functional purposes and are designed accordingly.

Buying Criteria For An Ideal Outdoor Floor Mat

With that being said, choosing an ideal entryway mat can become challenging, especially if you’re a person having no previous experience with floor mat purchases. Therefore, you’ll first need to define your purpose for having a floor mat such as whether it’s to add to the beauty of your home entrance or you want to focus on the functional regularities of the floor matting.

In this article by Mats Dubai, we’re going to explain to you all the important factors that should be kept in mind while buying an ideal doormat that is to be placed in a residential or commercial place.

1. Keep In Mind The Weather Conditions

Keep In Mind The Weather Conditions

When choosing outdoor matting material, your primary concern should be to buy a durable, heavy-duty and resilient option, essentially which has the tendency to serve you for a considerable time period. There are many types of matting materials that can endure rain damage better than the damage due to the UV rays and vice versa.

Therefore, you should keep in mind the weather conditions when choosing outdoor mats because these floor mats have to withstand harsh environmental conditions in comparison to the floor mats placed indoors.

2. Make The Choice Of Mat’s Material Carefully

Mat’s Material Carefully

Considerably, the most important aspect is the mat’s material composition because it accounts for the durability, resilience, and longevity of the floor mat. Thus, making the mats either vulnerable or resistant to the effects of high foot traffic.

For this purpose, vinyl mesh or vinyl loop are considered better, however, rubber is selected as the best and most popular material for entryway mats. Also, door mats comprising rubber as the construction material are lightweight and have the ability to stand up to extreme wear and tear conditions.

Not to mention that you should always look for an outdoor mat option comprising a non-slip backing surface so as to prevent slip and fall injuries. And, no matter what type of construction material you choose to have for outdoor matting, the quality is something that should never be compromised because it will rob your valuable investment of all its characteristic features.

3. Choose An Outdoor Mat With A Textured Surface

Outdoor Mat With A Textured Surface

The basic function of a doormat is to keep the dust, dirt, and debris from entering the house and this aim can be efficiently achieved by mats comprising a textured surface. Because texture accounts for making the mat’s surface abrasive and rough in feel thus, helping people to rub their shoes against the surface to keep the dirt and dust off their shoes.

4. Consider The Mat Dimensions & Shape

Mat Dimensions & Shape

Measurement is another great factor to be taken into account before buying an outdoor mat for your home. For this purpose, you’ll need to be careful about the selection of mat size because mats that are either large or small as compared to your door’s width will not look presentable thus, functioning the opposite of what you’ve desired.

As far as the choice of mat shape is concerned, rectangular-shaped floor mats are mostly chosen while some people may opt for square-shaped options and that is specifically a personal concern.

5. Take A Look At Mat’s Thickness

Mat’s Thickness

Needless to say, thick floor mats will last for a longer period as compared to thin outdoor matting. Also, the thickness of floor mats has a great influence on the amount of comfort provided by it underfoot. However, you should be careful in this concern because an outdoor mat that’s too thick will hamper the visual appeal as well as the movement of the door.

6. Shop For An Elegant & Stylish Doormat

Stylish designs for Doormats

As mentioned above, entryway mats carve the all-important first impression on the guest’s mind about your personality and material choices. Therefore, the factors of elegance and style should not be ignored when choosing a doormat for your residential or commercial place.

Especially, when you look for welcome mat choices, there is an endless variety of styles and design options available on the market. Hence, you can easily choose an elegant and stylish doormat that not only reflects your personal decor choices perfectly, but also satisfies the decor requirements of your door front.

7. Don’t Forget To Select A Complementary Color For Outdoor Matting

Complementary Color For Outdoor Matting

Last but not least, you can’t ignore the color factor because it accounts for the outlook of your outdoor matting and ultimately the whole floor‘s beauty. The importance of color can be clearly understood by stating that if you’ve selected everything ideally for your doormat but don’t choose a complementary color option, your outdoor matting will fail to shine and sparkle as it should.

In this regard, the color of your door front, exterior wall surface, and home entryway flooring (if any) play a significant role in deciding the choice of accent for your doormat. Also, the effects of plants, trees, or flowers around the home entrance can significantly influence the choice of color option.

In Conclusion

Outdoor mats not only prove to be functionally beneficial but also can carve the best impression of your personality and aesthetic taste on the viewer’s mind. In this article, we’ve described some important factors that should be taken into account for choosing the best outdoor matting. We’ve discussed various aspects like how the weather conditions, matting material, surface texture, dimensions, and thickness can affect the choice of a doormat for your residential or commercial place.

Also, it is advised not to give up on the décor and style factor when choosing an entryway mat. With that being said, we hope to succeed in helping you select the best outdoor matting for your place!

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