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We are among the leading solid and engineered wooden flooring suppliers in Dubai. Our company offers several wooden textures to bring warmth, beauty, and uniqueness to your interiors with our versatile wooden flooring in Dubai. Our exciting textures are one of the best among other flooring companies because we source the finest grade hardwood for their construction.

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Beautify Your Interior with Our Wooden Flooring in Dubai

We can help you achieve your desired finish with our hardwood floors made from one solid piece of lumber. Solid hardwood floors are an ideal option for an elegant look along with extreme durability. If you want a modern floor look, get our engineered wooden flooring in Dubai, which has an extensive design range.

Our hardwood floors will be your best choice if you want to give a luxury look to your home interior by intensifying. Besides, they are a smart way to increase the value of your property. You can adorn the overall aesthetics of your place with our wooden floors, increasing the resale worth of your apartment or commercial building. Call us today to get the best floor upgrade.

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Great Beneficial Aspects of Having Our Wood Flooring

Wood flooring offers many benefits and has always been in demand because of its distinctive appearance and practical usage. You can get a variety of wooden flooring textures, designs, shapes, and colors available at our stores. These are some advantages of choosing our wooden floors for your home.

  • With admirable aesthetics, our wooden flooring texture is the best way to add natural elegance to your interior.
  • Being the most durable and resilient option, our long-lasting floors are the best way to secure your investment.
  • Our floors are made of the finest wood species that can withstand the wear and tear from extensive daily use.
  • You can match your interior decor and even furniture with the pattern or shade of our wooden tiles and planks.
  • These floors have a protective layer, which does not get scratched with sharp pet nails or toy edges.
  • Our wooden flooring in Dubai is the best option to add warmth, increase value, and enhance the beauty of your interiors.

We Offer Professional Wood Flooring Installation In Dubai

Choosing expert flooring installation services is essential to improve your floor aesthetics and make your floors the piece of attraction. Most people are switching to wooden tiles flooring because it looks classy and offers efficient insulation compared to laminate flooring or vinyl flooring options.

We have a vast design range of wooden flooring in Dubai and offer the best floor installation services in the UAE. Our experts can help you transform your interiors by seamlessly installing wooden floor tiles and planks. You can choose different patterns of wooden tiles to place on your floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our premium wooden flooring in Dubai can easily last up to 2 to 3 decades with proper upkeep, which makes it the best choice for residential and commercial spaces. They can easily bear the weight of heavy furniture and machinery without getting damaged.

Our wooden tiles and planks are not easily scratched with high heels or toys. They have a protective layer, giving shine and scratch resistance. Get our flooring treatment without any worry of scratches. If needed, they can also be refurbished with polishing after years.

Yes, the engineered version of our wooden floors is compatible with underfloor heating as they are constructed with a low-moisture material that is adequately suitable for underfloor heating. However, the surface temperature must never exceed 27℃.

Yes, our premium quality wooden flooring in Dubai can be laid on a concrete subfloor, and this can be done in three different ways, depending on the suitability of the flooring. Wooden flooring can either be adhered to the concrete subfloor, laid as a floating floor system, and installed post creating another wooden subfloor with bonded plywood.

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Mats Dubai is top-notch supplier of wood flooring in Dubai. Our company has professionals available round the clock for consultation and efficient floor treatment services. With us, you can have inexpensive, versatile, and highly-durable wooden floors to embellish your interiors the way you want.

Besides, our floors are eco-friendly and made of durable wood, so you need not worry about damage. You need to hire us to get a quality hardwood flooring treatment to adorn your place at a very affordable price. You are always invited to visit our showroom and call us for your wood floor project.

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