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Water-resistant Ablution Mats Dubai

The Wudu or ablution mats Dubai in mosques areas are designed for the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayers. These areas always remain wet so obviously, there are high chances of slippings.

To avoid falling and slipping we offer Slip-Resistant Ablution Mats in Dubai at a market competitive price range.

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Buy Anti-Slip Safety Ablution Mats Dubai

Our wudhu mats come with anti-slip properties and keep your floor safe, hygienic, and moisture-free.

These mats can be used for barefoot traffic areas to avoid falling and slipping, our ablution mats come with antifungal and antibacterial and other functionality. Our sturdy ablution mats Dubai provide a seamless mesh surface that is comfortable on bare feet.

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Creative Crafting Details Of Ablution Mats Dubai 

Let’s talk about the creative crafting details of Wudhu mats, these mats can be easily rolled up and placed on any existing floor. The height of these mats is 9 mm and comes with a 60cm width.

When it comes to sizes of Ablution Mats, then these mats come with several size ranges including 60cm x 90xcm, 60cm x 15m, and more. These bath mats have water-resistant and anti-fatigue properties.

Noteworthy Benefits Of Ablution Mats Dubai 

Our Wudhu mats provide you with a number of plus points, as ablution mats Dubai become the necessary equipment for ablution areas.

The main concern with installing these mats is that they keep your floor protective, hygienic and safe from moisture conditions.

Apart from this, our Ablution Mats in Dubai also provides you several other benefits, let’s jump to look at them;

  • These mats come with high-slip-resistant properties.
  • Reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.
  • Suitable for high barefoot traffic areas.
  • Provides a comfortable and warm feel.
  • Easy to fold and easy to carry.
  • Come with hygienic properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We Have Answers

Ablution mats are super crucial because they ensure the most flawless safety maintenance for everyone. They work as a hygienic floor covering by absorbing all the moisture in a given space, thus maintaining the perfect sanitation conditions for the floor. These mats can be placed anywhere such as next to ablution spots or within any other sanitary space for keeping slipping and injuries at bay. 

Yes, our Ablution Mats Dubai are completely waterproof, since they are specifically designed to be placed within moisture-prone places. This way, they keep all the surrounding spaces perfectly dry, hygienic and completely free of the likelihood of getting slipped. Moreover, they don’t develop any odors either and cleaning them is really easy, as well.

Our quality Wudu Mats Dubai are highly durable and they can easily serve you for two decades on end and you can always extend their lifespan by maintaining them properly. These mats are made of quality Coconut husk, rubber or PVC, all of which are long-lasting and extremely resilient materials, making the mats stay serviceable for longer periods of time and easy to maintain, too.

Placement of our Ablution Mat Dubai totally depends on your personal choice and requirements in the first place. These mats are particularly designed for ablution areas, where there is a lot of water spilling and splashes. Besides, you can also place them within Bathrooms, shower stalls or next to your bathtub to ensure perfect safety for yourself while you’re in a moisture-prone environment.

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We at Mats Dubai aim to offer 100% secure, hygienic, and slip-resistant matting solutions to our dearest customers. We offer premium quality Ablution Mats in Dubai at an incredibly low price range. If you want to buy these mats then, reach us today or send an email to us at info@matsdubai.ae, we’ll respond to you in an efficient manner.

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