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If you are looking to add some comfort to your home, then come to us. Mats Dubai is a perfect platform for you that brings you its latest window motorized blinds, which can transform your entire living space while enhancing its décor. They are available in a huge variety from which you can select and entice your area beautifully at very affordable rates.

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Add Convenience To Your Lifestyle With Our Motorized Blinds

Visit our store and make a selection from our largest range of the most practical window blinds. They can transform your place into a smart home with their incredible functionality. They won’t just make your window a perfect decorative item but will also make your life easy as you can operate them simply with just a click of a remote button.

They come in the most beautiful shades, unique patterns, and with amazing functionality You can install them to improve the comfort in your bedroom, living room, or even dining room. These luxurious window coverings will add a touch of opulence to your living areas while making everyone admire your choice.

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Acquire Our High-end Customized Motorized Blinds

At our brand, you will find the best ever ready-made electric blinds for your home and office area, but if you want to customize the existing ones, our professionals are always available to help you out in this regard. They have a firm grip on their skills and can provide you with quality custom-made blinds that are exactly what you desire. Contact our experts and get yourself facilitated with our window blinds customization services.

Our technicians will transform your ordinary window treatment into automated ones while requiring a minimum of time. These blinds will emphasize the entire décor of your area while complementing your furnishings. You can place an order to acquire this service just by visiting our website and contacting our team.

Have Motorized Window Blinds As The Perfect Commercial Decor

Motorized Window Blinds by Mats Dubai make the absolute amazing and value-for-money window treatment choice for all commercial and corporate settings. Our classy and serviceable electric blinds come in the most presentable profiles to begin with. Over and above, they offer beyond convenient usage and are incredibly flexible too, for every requirement.

With higher energy-efficiency, complete coverage, effective light management, significant sound insulation and timeless working efficiency, these blinds prove to be equally beneficial for both occasional needs (multimedia usage, light blockage, brightness increment) and regular employment (window coverage, aesthetic enhancement, mobile, rapid and timesaving operations).

Enjoy The Endless Benefits Of Installing Our Electric Blinds

Mats Dubai always presents unique products that come with a lot of advantages so that you can enjoy maximum convenience. Similarly, our latest motorized window blinds offer a lot of perks that you can enjoy, and here we have mentioned some of them.

Energy Saving Option: These blinds are designed to open and close according to the amount of sunlight, season, and time of the day, which means they can help regulate the temperature within your area effectively, reducing the cost of your electricity bills.

Protection Of Furnishing: Our highly practical electric blinds can save your furnishing from the sun’s harmful UV rays, thus preventing them from color fading and/or long-term damage.

Addition Of Aesthetics: Motorized blinds are readily available in a versatile variety so that you can choose the best ones right according to your area requirements.

Improved Privacy: Being manufactured with quality material, these blinds are meant to provide you with 100% privacy so that no one can get any idea about what is actually happening within your space from the outside.

Easy Functionality: The most amazing feature of these blinds is that they are way too easy to get operated because they are cordless. Thus, you just need to open and close them with the help of a remote button.

We Are The Top-tier Installer Of Window Blinds In Dubai

If you are looking for installation services for your motorized blinds in the UAE, look no further than Mats Dubai because we not just provide you with our supreme-quality products but also top-notch window blind fitting services at reasonable rates. Our team has years of experience in this field and has done so many projects. You can hire our installers at any time and can get the perfect electric blind fitting amenities.

Our staff will visit your location equipped with everything needed to complete the task well. Each member of our team is motivated and completely trained. We will complete the task quickly and thoroughly, and we will clean up any mess that may be made while installing window coverings.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

However, these blinds are designed to be operated with a remote button, but yes, most often, these electric blinds come with a smartphone app through which you can control their functioning from anywhere.

Yes, these remote-control blinds are way too expensive than ordinary ones, but if we have a look at their benefits, these window treatments are worth the investment and can run for a longer period.

These modern electric window blinds are cordless and allow you to operate them with the help of a remote button, thus adding a lot of convenience to your life.

Of course, most motorized blinds come with an option for manual handling, which allows you to open and close them manually in case of any power outage.

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Our company is the top one among all other brands in the UAE because of its working experience of years and the list of customers it has satisfied. By supplying premium-grade products and offering our reliable services, we have made ourselves the leading suppliers of interior products. Get in touch with our professionals and ask for their expert advice, or book our bespoke services at really affordable prices today.

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