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Our company offers you the trendiest and most exquisite solutions for parquet flooring in Dubai, available in 10+ patterns, 30+ colors, and 25+ designs. This quality flooring is one of the most purposeful floor treatments because it gives a luxurious look to your interior at a budget-friendly price. It can create a warm, cozy, and pleasant atmosphere in your interior, helping you improve the aesthetics of your home or office.

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Our Parquet Floors Feature Premium Build Quality

When it comes to the quality and design of parquet flooring, we comply with the highest quality standards for the best home decor upgrade. In recent years, we’ve been the trendsetters for many different floor treatments with our innovative design ideas and unique floor patterns.

Our parquet wooden floors in Dubai are made from supreme quality wood species such as oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry, and many others. For budget friendly treatment, we have the vinyl and laminate material options. These are all high-quality materials and add durability and resilience to our parquet floors. With that said, our floors can easily last for 20+ years, something you only get from high-end floors like the epoxy flooring solutions, along with offering ease of maintenance, as well.

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Add Grace To Your Interiors with Our Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Parquet is one of the most glamorous flooring options available today and has become a popular choice for formal interior settings in Dubai such as living rooms, dining rooms, and commercial places as well.

The 3D appearance of our parquet tile flooring creates a modern style statement in your home interior, making it a fancy and ideal choice for modern spaces. These floors offer a stylistic fit for your modern home styles. Choose from our wide collection of lively color options that lets you make your interior way more pleasant than before.

Enjoy Luxury Parquet Floors at Discounted Rates With Us

We are a customer-oriented company that offers you the best value-for-money. Our customers are our top priority, so we offer luxury parquet floors to them at a low price. We never overcharge for any service that we provide. We keep the price tag of our parquet flooring in Dubai as low as possible. As compared to the other flooring brands our prices are competitive and justified.

Besides the cheap service rates and affordable flooring options, you can also avail great discount deals at our company. We never compromise the quality of our services and always try to offer you as best as we can. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced parquet floor installers ensure that you enjoy top-level luxury even at a budget-friendly price.

Noteworthy Features Of Parquet Flooring Dubai

Our parquet wooden floors are among the best-selling floors in our wide collection of flooring in Dubai, and they offer plenty of decorative and functional benefits. We have mentioned some advantages of our parquet floors below.

  • Versatility: These floors are available in a wide range of vibrant color options and patterns to help you get the best for your home interior.
  • Easy Maintenance: They can be easily cleaned and maintained with little to no effort. Wet mopping and dusting are more than enough.
  • Durability: Our parquet floors are a highly durable and sturdy floor treatment to invest in, that will give you great value for your money.
  • Moisture Resistance: Our parquet flooring in Dubai can be installed by using water-resistant materials to protect the floor underneath from water spills. .
  • Anti-Slip: With non-slippery surfaces, these floors are a great choice for ensuring ideal safety in busy household or commercial spaces.
  • Fitting Flexibility: Comes with multiple fitting options like interlocking fitting, floating fitting, and glue-down installation.

Popular Parquet Flooring Materials 2024

Trendy Patterns of Our Parquet Flooring

  • Herringbone: Our herringbone parquet flooring in Dubai gives most popular and desirable looks.
  • Basket Weave: It is known for its basket weave pattern because of its appearance like a woven basket.
  • Chevron: This pattern shows the V-shaped appearance of parquet floor tiles or planks.
  • Hexagonal: You get a geometric look at your place with hexagonal pattern parquet flooring.
parquet flooring materials 2024
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We Offer the Perfect Parquet Flooring Installation in Dubai

We are the ultimate choice for parquet floor treatment, whenever you’re up for the entire home floor or small portion. You will get quality parquet flooring in Dubai with precision. We ensure the highest quality standards in our installation services. With that being said, we’re glad to present to you our featured services of the parquet flooring installation in Dubai.

Our services are not just proficient but also ensure providing you with benefits such as no need for any treatment consideration for years. The parquet floors that are installed by our team will withstand every harsh condition without getting damaged. Hire our team to get the desired parquet pattern on your floor with perfection.

Why Choose Us

We are the top-rated suppliers of quality parquet flooring in Dubai. At our store, we feature the largest range of flooring, along with the options of laminate flooringvinyl flooring, epoxy, and other types of floor treatments. Such a diverse collection of flooring makes us a one-stop solution to all flooring problems.

And to keep up with our 15+ years’ reputation, we provide the best quality parquet floors at affordable prices. Further, we also offer floor installation services with eye-catching parquet floor patterns. Add glamor to your place with our beautiful floor treatment for every space. Book our professional service by calling us anytime during business hours.

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In general, high quality Parquet Wood Flooring can easily last up to 10 to 15 years and above, depending on the extent of maintenance. However, this flooring is more likely to wear soon in areas with high foot traffic.

The maintenance of parquet flooring is pretty similar to that of the wooden flooring. All you need to do is clean the floor surface on a regular base with a broom or damp mop. Be really careful with the amount of water you use and your mop or sponge must only be damp and NEVER WET. Besides, ensure clearing out all the spills and splashes immediately.

The cost entirely depends on the build quality of parquet flooring and since of course, it’s technically a wooden flooring, it’s meant to be a bit more costly as compared to other floorings. However, all the beauty and benefits you get are absolutely worth the money.

Parquet Flooring is not waterproof since it’s a floor system made of wood, in other words, it’s technically a wooden flooring and can’t possibly be completely waterproof. However, it is water-resistant up to some extent, still, it’s strongly recommended to prevent its excessive or prolonged exposure to moisture, such as during cleaning. 

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