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Sisal carpet and rugs in Dubai are the best-selling products of 2024 at our shop. They give high performance and are ideally versatile for both commercial and residential settings. With their availability in a variety of sisal natural shades, unique textures, and interesting patterns, they are the finest choice to create a welcoming effect for your home entrance. Not to mention that our floor coverings are made to withstand high foot traffic.

Sisal Carpet And Rugs Dubai

Let’s Customize Sisal Carpet And Rugs According to Your Needs

Sisal is one of the sturdiest carpeting, among both natural rug and carpet choices. At our sisal carpet shop in Dubai, we offer you the finest carpets and rugs made from natural sisal. We also offer many customization options like border styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and surface patterns.

These types of custom sisal rugs and carpets are just in accordance with your aesthetic preference and area needs. Therefore, don’t miss the pleasure of shopping from our collections of custom sisal carpets. Call now to get the most personalized floor covering solution from us.

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Our Sisal Rugs And Carpets Feature The Best Build Quality

Our custom sisal rugs for both indoors and outdoors feature premium quality agave fibers (Agavs Sisalana) and come with a standard thickness of 6 mm. These customized sisal carpets in Dubai are an excellent choice for almost any room of your interior because they are made to be used in all circumstances.

These carpets will provide you with highly impressive aesthetics. You can also place sisal rugs in Dubai on your vintage Persian Carpets And Rugs to protect them. Regardless of the fact whether your style is contemporary or traditional, these floor coverings of ours will always fit right in to complement your space décor.

The Noteworthy Features Of Our Custom Sisal Carpet And Rugs

Our premium quality sisal rugs and carpets are the best all-natural and comforting choice of soft floor covering/ They can make your hardwood floors comfortable to walk on. Feel free to customize the thickness of these carpets with our customization service. Here are some of the amazing features that our sisal rugs and carpets offer.

Here, we’ve described a few other advantages of choosing these soft flooring products.

  • You can add beauty and style to your space by placing our round sisal rugs in Dubai without spending much.
  • It is the best long-term floor covering that does not fade with high foot traffic or the passage of time because of its resilient nature.
  • They can absorb sound to help you attain noise reduction in your interior. It increases the comfort and serene level in your room.
  • Our sisal carpets in Dubai come with anti-slip backing to protect you against injury from slips and falls.
  • We assure you that no toxic material is used in their making, which also makes them a good choice for homes with kids and pets.
  • Our sisal carpets and rugs offer ease of cleaning and maintenance. You can easily keep these floor coverings for 25+ years.

Are You Looking for 100% Organic Sisal Carpets in Dubai?

Our sisal carpet and rugs in Dubai are an incredible selection for those who love all-natural or organic stuff, as they are entirely eco-friendly products. It’s by far the most hard-wearing and heavy-duty soft flooring choice and, therefore, the most useful option for high foot-traffic areas.

With the unique customizations available on our platform, you can get them modified right according to your needs. They are versatile enough for every usage. So if you want to get natural-looking floor coverings for your place that have a minimum carbon footprint, go with our sisal rugs and carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We Have Answers

Our finest Sisal Carpets are one of the most long-lasting and heavy duty choices of soft flooring for both residential and commercial spaces. When taken care of the right way, these carpets can easily last up to 15 years and above, as well, without getting affected excessively. 

Regular vacuuming is the first step to a perfect Sisal Carpet maintenance, however, you should only stick to the strong brush suction instead of the beater-type cleaning. As for a deeper cleanup, you can give your carpets a good wash occasionally using warm water and mild commercial or home based cleaners.

Sisal Rugs, in fact, are the best carpeting choice for commercial places and essentially every space with higher extents of foot traffic. That’s because these carpets feature strong and resilient build quality and don’t get affected by impact damage, besides, the maintenance is really easy and practical, as well.

Sisal Rugs are likely to develop mold and mildew growth if they aren’t dried completely post a cleanup or stay in a prolonged contact with water. Therefore, it’s super crucial to address any spills or splashes immediately and to ensure perfect drying of the carpets. Moreover, you can also speed up the drying process with the help of ceiling fans and/ or dehumidifiers.

We Make Our Sisal Carpets and Rugs to Install at Every Place

At Mats Dubai, you will come across the trendiest and equally functional choices of the best floor coverings. Our soft floorings, being made of high-quality sisal fibers, are extremely heavy-duty and the perfect choice for interiors and walkways with heavy foot traffic, as they effectively retain their profiles for years. Besides, you can even place them outdoors to prevent indoor contamination and noise reduction.

Being hypoallergenic, our sisal carpet and rugs in Dubai create healthy indoor air quality. In order to enjoy the complete functionality of these amazing floor coverings, you need to get perfect installation from professionals. At our sisal carpet company in Dubai, we offer the seamless installation of these carpets at every residential or commercial place. So, call now to get the low-cost perfect fitting of these carpets from our professionals.

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We are a renowned supplier of sisal carpets and rugs in Dubai, offering a diverse collection of sizes, colors, designs, patterns, and textures. With our quality floor covering products, you will not only uplift your interior decor and style but will also get a number of functional benefits, which will upgrade your home’s styling with an ideal comfort provision.

Our experts are always available to provide you with the best-customized carpet or rug that is made of pure sisal for your home or office. Feel free to share your style preferences and area needs to get the perfect sisal carpet in Dubai that will last longer. To ensure the quality, you can order free samples as well from anywhere in Dubai within the same day.

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