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Welcome to the best shop for bath mats in Dubai, featuring plenty of options at affordable prices. Made from the best rubber & EVA foam materials, our bathroom floor mats ensure both durability and underfoot comfort. The anti-slip backing layers and textured surfaces make our mats slip-resistant. Visit our shop to buy luxurious and safer mats for bathrooms.

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Our Non-Slip Bath Mats Dubai Are Built For Safety

We want you to stop walking on slippery bathroom floors as we present our highly efficient non-slip bath mats in Dubai. Designed with safety, these bathroom foam floor mats are made from resilient EVA foam material with textures for a strong foot grip. The textured surfaces add to friction underfoot to minimize your risk of slipping and falling over. The anti-skid backing layer or custom suction cups keeps them secured to the floor to prevent them from shifting and causing slippage.

Choose From Our Wide Range Of Bathroom Mats In Dubai

Come out of the bathroom and land your wet feet on our plushy and slip-free bathroom mats. Choose from a wide collection of bathroom floor mats in diverse aesthetic styles & designs.

  • With the microfiber bath mats, you get a plush surface to place your feet. They feature quick water absorption with their microfiber material.
  • Our waterhog mats for bathroom floors are made from soft rubber or foam to prevent water & debris from scattering away.
  • For that textured look & grip, we have the stone bath mats in foam and rubber to give that spa-like experience to your feet.
  • Our rubber bath floor mats feature superior grip for high foot traffic commercial bathrooms with non-slip backing layers.

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Buy Luxurious Bath Mats In Dubai At Affordable Prices

Welcome to Mats Dubai, where comfort meets luxury for bath mats at low prices. Our luxurious mats offer a true blend of high-end materials to offer plush comfort underfoot when coming out of the shower.

Give your feet that after-shower relaxing feel with the microfiber bath mats in Dubai to both absorb water and provide a cooling sensation. Whether you want practical comfort or elegant interior decor for bathroom floors, these bathroom floor mats are available at market-competitive prices.

Discover Features Of Our Bath Mats

We offer the best mats for water absorption and drainage. They are not just limited to your bath floor needs, they can function perfectly as the ablution mats. These bathroom mats offer plenty of amazing features that make them highly desirable.

  • Slip-Free Surfaces: We treat mats with anti-slipping coatings to prevent the risk of slips & falls and also a slip-free backing layer.
  • Hypoallergenic: We make our bath mats in Dubai to be a safe alternative with anti-bacterial coatings – non-toxic & odor-free.
  • Easy To Clean: They are made to offer easy-to-clean surfaces with their moisture-proof rubber & foam surfaces.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use: Our mats can be used as swimming pool mats to offer traction for when coming out of water.
  • Long-Lasting Use: With bath mats bought from our store, you are guaranteed to get a high-durability product, lasting for 10+ years.

Get Customized Bath Mats For Unique Prints & Decorations

Our customized decorative bath mats in Dubai feature that ideal grip suited for bathroom use, featuring various color & design patterns for a personalized look. Now you can get these bathroom printed mats in your desired shape and logo imprints. Our store features a lot of textures, different material choices, and anti-slipping coatings. Contact our customer support to receive your free design consultation for a custom bath mat design.

  • Printed Initials or a funny message.
  • Custom loop pile height for desired level of comfort.
  • Mats with varying colors & textures on either side.
  • Option of decorative border finishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We Have Answers

The best and quickest way to clean bathroom mats is to wash them in a machine using a mild detergent and along with washcloths or towels for a good scrubbing.

Our premium bathroom mats Dubai are made from hypoallergenic materials and are treated for eliminating the growth of mold and mildew, and regular maintenance is essential for keeping them sanitary.

Mats Dubai is one of the leading providers of quality bathroom floor mats in the UAE. Here, you can buy the best and cheap mats in Dubai along with customization services.

Yes, we are proud to present a wide range of eco-friendly bath mats. These sustainable and environment-friendly mats are made from natural & recycled fibers of materials like bamboo or diatomaceous earth, an inherently moisture-absorbing material. They feature not only long-lasting use but are also decorative.

Bath mats made of cotton, rubber, bamboo, cork and natural earth can be recycled, however the feasibility of doing so fluctuates depending on the matting material, leaving the option of upcycling.

Bath mats are available in a wide variety of shapes for different bathroom interiors, and the most common choices are rectangular, round, elongated, and square in both small and large sizes.

Yes, Mats Dubai is the best seller for premium luxury bath mats in Dubai. Our luxury mats come in a wide range with luxury materials like microfibers and various natural fibers. These luxury bathroom floor mats feature high moisture-absorbing properties. Call us now to get samples of our bath mats with different material options.

Usually, one correct sized mat is enough for a bathroom or you can also place two smaller ones at spots such as next to the sink and the shower stall.

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We are the top-rated suppliers of bath mats in the UAE with a focus on quality and safety for our consumers. We offer bathroom mats online in Dubai at cheap affordable prices without compromising on the aesthetic preferences for each individual buyer. With plenty of premium-grade materials to choose from, our mats are an ideal floor solution for decor and functionality. You are welcome to call the Mats Dubai helpline any time of the day to book your pre-made and custom-made bathroom mats.

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