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Mats Dubai brings you Runner Mats Dubai for a classy and useful uplifting of your places. These quality washable runner rugs with rubber backing are a great decorative addition to your hallways, corridors, walkways and various other areas. Besides, they make all the floors entirely safe and anti-slip to walk over, not to mention the notably improved underfoot comfort.

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Accentuate Your Home Décor With Our Runner Mats Dubai

These quality runner mats are not just a highly impressive décor addition but also a greatly serviceable factor for making the homes more safe. A really incredible and surprising aspect of these mats is the fact that they give off the sensation of spaciousness and visual depth, which is always a good ornamentation approach for all areas.

Over and above, we’ve got you supremely trendy mat collections to choose from, including the customized ones, as well. Besides, we also feature classy varieties of kitchen runners and bathroom runner rugs.

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The Quality Crafting Of Our Runner Mats Dubai 

Our sublime standard runner rugs are impressively durable and their solid build quality maintains the same level of performance all along. These rugs are generally made of bamboo and various similar fibers. There are multiple pilling and thickness options available, so you can have a selection based on your usage extent.

As far as the size dimensions of Runner Mats Dubai are concerned, they are usually 3 to 3 feet wide and have a length ranging between 6 to 14 feet. This size works wonders for most of the areas, such as hallways, next to/ on top of stairs and similar walkways. Also, these rugs are a classy element to place in focal points of the rooms, such as at dining spaces or in front of beds.

Lucrative Aspects Of Our Runner Mats Dubai 

Our versatile home floor mats best suit all of the areas, such as kitchen, bathrooms and outdoors, instead of the predefined areas of application. They are an excellent way to add visual appeal along with walking safety, plus a great approach to maintaining the homes, as well. They’ll keep your living spaces clean and a lot more hygienic.

Take a look at the notable plus points of our quality washable runner rugs with rubber backing:

  • These mats create the safest surfacing within homes and will significantly prevent any accidents and injuries. 
  • They prevent flooring damage which is likely to take place from furniture dragging and excessive foot traffic. 
  • The absorbent surfaces of these extra long bathroom runner rugs stops water from seeping through the subfloor and it also keeps the transfer of pollutants, microbes and abrasive particles at bay.
  • Runner Mats Dubai are a smart way to make confined spaces appear more roomy and attractive. You can use them in narrow hallways or as a corridors mats and can significantly uplift the whole look this way.
  • These runner rugs and mats create a healthy and completely allergen-free indoor air quality, since they are an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Runner Rugs are not meant to cover up the whole hallway, rather the idea is to define the very pathway of the walkway, hallway or corridor, thus making it more inviting. For an easy approach, you can simply leave space up to 4 to 6 inches on each side of the runner, so as to prevent it from touching the walls.

Mostly, runner rugs come with a width of 27 inches to 30 inches which works for a vast majority of spaces. Such a width provides adequate coverage to the hallway, walkway or corridor, though if you’ve got larger spaces, you can opt for a bit more wide runners. 

Using runner mats on stairs is a great idea to achieve the finest styling as well as the highest safety for everyone in the house. These runners give a chic look to the stairs and also protect the treads and risers from wear and tear caused by daily usage.

Our quality runner mats Dubai are available in a wide range of styles and you can make a selection depending on your interior theme. Some of the most popular styles of these mats include Striped Runners, Geometric Pattern Mats, Floral Mats and Oriental Mats.

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