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Persian Carpets And Rugs by Mats Dubai is the most exquisite range of flooring solutions, available in a wide variety of colors, designs, textures, and patterns. These premium floor coverings not only serve as an interior decorative element but will also provide a major deal of practical functionality and most importantly comfort.

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At our stores, these carpetings are available in a broad spectrum of natural as well as synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, solution-dyed acrylic, and wool. This wide variety of available options enables you to choose the best carpet and/or rug according to your interior decor requirements and aesthetic taste.

Our customized oriental rugs and carpets will not only add comfort to your lifestyle but will also enhance the glamor of your home’s interior. Not to mention all other functional regularities you can attain, besides adding a touch of luxury to your interiors.

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Our Inexpensive Persian Carpet Dubai Offers Plenty Of Functional Perks

Our carpets are not only an element of decorative soft flooring but will also prove to be practically serviceable. Our Persian design carpets can absorb sound most effectively and will help you attain a noise-free interior. Also, they will keep you in good health by trapping dust, pollutants, and dirt particles. Besides, they provide ease of maintenance. Last but not least, Persian carpets are the most amazing choice to be used as the coziest mosque carpeting.

With our versatile spectrum of customized carpets in Dubai, you can dignify your interior decor to perfection without exceeding your budget, just the way you like.

The Noteworthy Features Of Our Persian Runner Rugs Dubai

Persian Carpet And Rugs for sale at our stores feature a lot of amazing benefits. With our vast variety of runner rugs, you can brighten up your kitchen spaces, hallways and entryways, and make them way more inviting. We’ve described below the fundamental significance of having our oriental-styled rugs in your space.

  • These rugs and carpets can be easily used in high foot traffic areas, similar to premium quality matting.
  • With our stylish oriental runners, you can add comfort, and warmth to your interiors in a luxurious manner.
  • Our Persian carpets and rugs comprising the best quality natural fabric materials are eco-friendly, durable, and the most resilient in nature.
  • Their availability in a wide variety of options helps you make the best choice to adorn your interior space.
  • Besides adding timeless beauty to your interior, these rugs are durable, practical, and inexpensive, offering a once-and-for-all floor-covering solution.

Create Statement Decors With Our Peculiar Persian Carpeting

We’ve got you the finest quality and most importantly authentic Persian rugs and carpets for an entirely unique and luxurious styling of your places. Featuring the decades-old excellence and beauty, our persian carpeting will be the ultimately timeless sign of vintage styling within your places. Besides, when you shop for these finest and mind-blowing soft floorings from us, you get the added benefit of quality and affordability.

These ritzy carpets and rugs go supremely well with all sorts of styling and décor themes by being the seamless and complementing part of all. So it’s high time you bring about the much-needed charm to your spaces with our creation, request your free quote today!

What Makes Our Persian Floor Coverings A Valuable Choice

In the first place, it’s of course the traditional worth and popularity, which makes these rugs and carpets no way less than a piece of art.

  • Thanks to the optimum build quality, you can easily place these carpets in areas with higher footfall without any concern of damage.
  • These carpets and rugs are woven by hand, thus carrying the age-old significance and value with them.
  • They are dyed using organic colors and therefore you won’t come across any color bleeding or fading at all.
  • There are multiple size options available for these rugs and carpets, so as to help you find the best fit for all spaces.
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Authentic Persian Carpets can literally last up to 200 years and those used under the circumstances of medium to low foot traffic can even last more than that. That’s because Persian Carpets feature the vintage excellence of crafting and from build quality to dyes, everything is of a genuinely sublime quality.

For everyday maintenance, you simply need to vacuum or sweep clean your Persian Carpets, so as to get rid of dust and dirt particles, animal hair, etc. For a deep cleanup, you can make use of a commercial carpet cleaner along with cold water. Besides, considering professional cleaning services is also a good idea to upkeep your Persian Carpets.

The first and foremost aspect to look for in this regard is the construction of the rug, i.e. an authentic Persian Rug is never machine woven and always hand-knotted, made from Silk and Wool only. Next up, they should have intricate patterns without any gaps along with a lush pile. Lastly, Persian Rugs are extremely colorfast, which means they will never fade.

For sure, a Persian rug is the worthiest addition one can make to his/her living space, since they are genuinely art pieces, more than just a carpeting. Besides, they offer an exceptional beautification for their surroundings and are the easiest to sync into any given décor, as well.

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We are among the most popular and reliable suppliers of Persian Carpet And Rugs in Dubai, offering a diverse collection of sizes, colors, designs, patterns, and textures. With our durable, practically favorable and budget-friendly floor accessories, you can add a lot of value, comfort, and beauty to your interiors. And, with our customization services at hand for oriental carpets and rugs, getting the ideal soft flooring accessory for your interior has no longer remained a problem.

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