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If you are looking for flooring that provides soft cushioning underfoot, water-resistant and durable then your search must stop here. Mats Dubai brings another trendy flooring that is interlock mats for floors. These interlocking mats provide protective layers to your floor that save your flooring from any damage. These mats are easy to clean and maintain and last long.

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Our highly durable interlocking foam mats not only provide soft cushioning but also prevent injuries that are caused by falling and slipping directly on the floors.

Moreover, these foam floor tiles transform the overall interior and give an elegant look to your floor. Our interlock mats for floors are available in different styles and colors.

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Manufacturing Details Of Interlock Mats For Floors In UAE 

Our interlocking rubber floor tiles are manufactured using 100% durable materials. The material we used during the manufacturing is vinyl, rubber, and foam, because of their interlocking properties our interlocking rubber mats lock at the edge of the end.

Our interlock mats for floors come with different thicknesses and sizes ranging from 250 x 250 x 12.7mm or 304.8 x 304.8 x 15mm. The weight of these mats is 14 – 15 kgs.

Endless Benefits Of Interlock Mats

Apart from providing comfortable and durable flooring, our foam mats also provide protective layers to your floors. These mats are extremely durable and last long.

You can install these mats for commercial, residential, or play areas. Our interlock floors mats also provide you several other benefits, let’s jump to look at them;

  • Provides soft surface underfoot.
  • While walking, these mats provide a healing sensation.
  • Come with firm elasticity
  • Come with an easy-to-install and easy-to-remove mechanism.
  • These are ultra-soft mats, perfect for playrooms and exercise rooms.
  • Upgrade the interior of your home.
  • Manufactured from durable materials and last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can easily cut interlocking floor tiles with the help of a few supplies which are a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. The tiles can be marked with a pen where you need to cut them for a smooth and even finish. However, most of the time, interlock mats for floors don’t really need to be cut and you simply have to assemble them together.

Yes, interlock mats for floors are generally easy to remove, as long as they aren’t adhered to the subfloor. For instance, Puzzle style Interlock Floor Mats are the easiest to deal with as you neither need to stick them to the subfloor nor require to indulge in any excessive efforts whenever there’s an uninstallation required. All you need to do is lift off your desired tile, such as for repairing or replacement purposes.

Start by gently sweeping or vacuuming the interlock mats for floors to get rid of any loosened dirt or debris, however don’t use the spinning brushes of the vacuum cleaner. After this, you can perform a basic cleanup with the help of a damp mop and any household cleaner. For stubborn stains or marks, you can go for a gentle scrubbing of the mats, but do ensure only using non-abrasive scrubbers or rags.

Start by planning out your floor, so that you don’t have any trouble leaving the space for the interlock floor mats. These floor mats require to be placed nearly ¼ inches away from the surrounding wall so that they can easily expand and contract without bubbling up. You simply need to start from one end of the room and work your way till the end, placing the floor mats and snipping them together.

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