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Premium Quality Prayer Mats Dubai

Mats Dubai brings you the ultimate comfort provision with the sublime quality Prayer Mats Dubai during all of your praying times. These incredible Namaz mats ensure offering pleasurable luxury along with the most ideal comfort, so that you can easily make the most out of all your solitude rituals, without the slightest inconvenience.

Luxury Prayer Mats Dubai

Get Durable And Plush Prayer Mats Dubai

Our finest quality luxury prayer mats and memory foam mats for prayer are classy to look at and feature all the traditional beauty. These beautiful praying mats best compliment all versatile Mosque interiors and of course, are a really wonderful element to own.

You’re welcome to explore our trendy varieties of the Turkish prayer mats, quality Namaz mats and disposable Salah mats UAE, which come with the major advantage of portability.

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The Quality Crafting Of Our Beautiful Prayer Mats Dubai 

You can find a number of versatile material options when exploring our premium modern prayer mats and can therefore easily pick out your preferred kind of fabrication and designing. The most mainstream material used for our luxury prayer floor mats are Cotton and Silk. This ensures flawless softness and comfort during usage.
Do check out versatile and eye-catching ranges of the Prayer Mats Dubai, and get your favorite printed mats right away. We’ve also got you incredible memory foam mats for praying which are the perfect choice for those with body aches and muscular concerns.

Noteworthy Perks Of Our Modern Prayer Mats 

Besides providing the ideal and everlasting comfort, these beautiful Salah mats are super pleasing to look at and will work wonders for the decorative purposes, as well. You can use them for praying and as a general floor covering for Mosques or your personal prayer rooms, too.

Take a look at the versatile plus points of these luxury prayer mats and you’ll find their quality the most promising and serviceable for prolonged usage.

  • Our prayer mats Dubai offer the greatest extents of comfort and pacification. 
  • These mats feature completely non-toxic crafting and they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, as well.
  • Maintaining these prayer rugs is the easiest job to do and they won’t fade or get damaged even after years of usage.
  • You can have these portable mats within all desired size dimensions and can also acquire customization services in this regard. 
  • There are versatile elegant design, style and color options available for these quality mats and you can also get all of your desired patterns and prints customized from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Start by mixing a small amount of mild liquid soap or detergent to a bucket or tub full of cold water, followed by submerging your prayer rug completely into it. Soak it at least for 30 minutes or you can extend the time depending on the condition of your mat if it’s stained or not. Finish off by rinsing it thoroughly with clear water and lay it out in a covered place to dry.  

10 mm is the general thickness level of prayer rugs and mats as the criteria is to provide the entire body with maximum comfort particularly while kneeling. However, you can always have customizations regarding the crafting of your desired prayer rug, and can have its thickness or size dimensions enhanced in accordance with your requirements.

Prayer mats are usually made from cotton, silk and sometimes taffeta fabric as well, since these are the most comfortable materials. Also, they are flexible enough to effectively provide for daily usage and to ensure convenient maintenance too, since all the options are easy to clean and don’t get stained too soon, either.

Yes, you can totally vacuum the prayer mat in terms of everyday maintenance, just the way you do to your carpets and rugs. Though prayer mats don’t get excessively dirty very often and even if you only dust them off occasionally, they will still be perfectly okay. That’s particularly the case when you don’t want to go over them with a vacuum cleaner.

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Mats Dubai brings you the finest and most versatile Prayer Mats Dubai Collection for a super delightful addition to your lifestyle. We bring about these must-haves for you with the most premium quality and eye-catching aesthetics. Get in touch with us to explore the trendy yet comforting styles of these Modern prayer mats as well as Classical Turkish mats. Also, our hygienic mats in Dubai come in hand at highly affordable price ranges and will stay durable for the longest time spans, as well.

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