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Do you want to make your floor clean and effective? If yes then you land right here, we at Mats Dubai bring the full range of Waterhog mats Dubai at an extremely low price range.

Our Waterhog doormat prevents the transfer of dirt, debris, and excess water from outside. These are highly durable mats that come at a cost-effective price range.

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Highly-durable Waterhog Mats Dubai

Our Waterhog door mats help to wipe the dirt and dust away from footwear and make your floor neat and clean. These mats come with a dam system that may retain up to 6.5 liters of water per square.

Our Waterhog mats Dubai help to prevent the build-up of water during poor weather apart from this these mats help to rescue the chances of slips, trips, and falls.

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Manufacturing Details Of Waterhog Mats In UAE

When it comes to the specification of floor mats in Dubai then the materials we use during manufacturing are polyethylene and terephthalate fibers. These are bi-level mats that reinforce the rubber scraper’s nubs on the surface.

The weight of Waterhog mats Dubai is 24 ounces/yard2 and comes with waffle designs. When it comes to the thickness of Waterhog doormats, the thickness ranges from 78-mi to 143-mil.

Endless Benefits Of Waterhog Mats Dubai 

Our Waterhog floor mats are used in a number of industries and bring many benefits. These mats come with a rubber backing solution for this reason they last long.

Apart from providing a clean surface, our Waterhog mats in Dubai also provide you with several other health benefits. Go ahead to look at the noteworthy benefits;

  • These mats help to reduce the chances of slipping and falling.
  • Provides a safe place for people to walk on.
  • Our Waterhog runners’ mats can be placed at the stairs to reduce the chance of injuries.
  • These mats protect your floor.
  • Come at an incredibly cheap price.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In general, waterhog mats provide serviceability of a good 3 to 6 years, within areas with moderate foot traffic. As for the areas that get subjected to higher extents of foot fall, such as airports, these mats can be functional for up to 1 to 3 years, depending on how much they are taken care of.

You can simply vacuum these mats on a daily basis to clear out all the dirt, dust and debris and this can be done just by shaking the mats, as well. Besides, you can wash these mats occasionally with a water hose to get rid of stubborn build up, followed by simply air drying them before you use them again.

Waterhog mats can be considered for just about any type of flooring and these incredibly designed mats can easily outperform any other given matting product. Moreover, they are an exceptionally good choice for areas with higher levels of foot traffic.

Yes, our quality Waterhog Mats Dubai are highly resistant to fire hazards as they have been tested for all flammability standards. Besides, these mats are ideally anti-static too, which is to say that they are a perfect choice to be used within rooms having electrical equipment, most importantly the industrial spaces.

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