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Hollow Mats Dubai; An Attractive Flooring Option

Looking to buy the best flooring option for your commercial or residential areas? We at Mats Dubai come with another attractive flooring version and that is Hollow Mats Dubai. These mats come in attractive patterns and colors. Our hollow floor mats are also known as anti-poaching mats for horses and you can lay these mats on the grass to offer a non-slip surface.

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Our hollow rubber mats are basically used for wet areas and the wash-down areas of animals. These mats are capable of away the flow of water from horse and groom while providing a safe footing for both.

Our Hollow Mats Dubai can be laid onto the grass in a play-areas. Apart from this these mats provide you with an anti-slip surface and give protection against injuries.

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Manufacturing Details Of Hollow Mats in UAE

Let’s talk about some technical specifications of hollow floor mats. These mats are manufactured using 100% recycled rubber and come in different thicknesses and sizes. The maximum thickness of our hollow mats is 8mm to 25mm.

That is enough to prevent you from any kind of water spillage. The mats come in large sizes and can be used for industrial purposes. The size of our hollow rubber mats is 18 x 14 Inches, and it may vary according to your need.

Features Of Hollow Mats Dubai 

Our hollow rubber floor mats come in endless varieties including creative designs and usability. These mats ensure the anti-slip flooring that is perfect for poor weather and high traffic areas.

Our hollow mats Dubai can withstand high heating temperature areas because of their rubber manufacturing. Moreover, hollow mats provide you several other benefits, let’s have a look at them;

  • These are resilient and sturdy mats.
  • Can withstand high-temperature areas.
  • Provides a secure surface.
  • Come with hygienic and natural look properties.
  • These mats are easy to clean and install.
  • Highly durable and lasts long.
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance to your floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Our premium Hollow Mats Dubai are made of high quality rubber and their integrated backing is made of rubber, as well. These mats come in the profiles of both doormats and welcome mats and you can consider their usage both indoors and outdoors. They are a great way to make your floors safer underfoot and to keep the interiors more clean and hygienic, too.

You can place our quality rubber hollow matting in a number of different spots both indoors and outdoors. These mats make the best doormats, welcome mats, anti-fatigue mats and safety mats so you can benefit from them accordingly. Besides, these mats can also be used as an excellent alternative to floor coverings, such as carpet tiles or laminate floorings, as they offer the smoothest, safest and most leveled surfaces to walk over.

Yes, our hollow mat Dubai is completely free from PVC which makes it the safest choice to consider. It neither emits any of the toxins or VOCs nor develops any nasty odors, so you can easily make use of it without any concern. Besides, these mats are a particularly useful choice for those which are allergic to carpets or floorings that keep emitting fumes.

Our hollow matting Dubai is exclusively designed to absorb all of the moisture as soon as it comes in contact and this goes the same for dirt and dust particles too. This way, these hollow mats, keep your living spaces perfectly clean and also make the floors safe for you to walk over. Moreover, these mats don’t shed either and their quality rubber backing prevents moisture damage to the floor.

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