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Reasons For Investing in Rubber Flooring

different Reasons For Investing in Rubber Flooring

If you’re surprised at the popularity of rubber floors and want to know the reasons for investing in rubber flooring, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to describe all the exact reasons why you should give preference to rubber flooring instead of all other types of flooring options available.

But before we move on to the benefits, you should have a clear-cut understanding of the product that will be discussed in terms of material construction and types available on the market. Regarding the material aspect, rubber floors can comprise two different types of rubbers i.e. natural tree rubber and the recycled one obtained from vehicle tires.

Explaining the availability of rubber flooring types, you’ll get three options of tiles, mats, and rolls to have a selection from. One thing that should not be compromised or overlooked when buying any type of rubber floors is the quality aspect. With that being said, let’s tell you that there are many flooring stores that offer premium quality yet affordable rubber flooring like Mats Dubai.

The Fundamental Significance Of Having Rubber Floors In Your Place

Now that you’ve got a how-know of what exactly we’re going to discuss, it’s time to explain the advantages of having rubber floors installed in your residential or commercial interiors. So, let’s start by explaining the most significant benefit that accounts for the high demand for rubber floors.

1. High Durability & Extreme Resilience

High Durability & Extreme Resilience

The most basic reason for making rubber floors so much popular is the fact that these are highly durable and exceptionally resilient. And having that said, no need remains to mention that you can place this type of flooring in high foot traffic areas either commercial or residential. That’s totally why gyms, sports complexes, fieldhouses, exercise, and laundry rooms opt for rubber flooring.

In addition to that, these floors offer the best resistance to water damage thus, helping you get rid of the thoughts of injuries due to moisture, spills, etc. Also, the impact-absorbing quality of rubber floors is highly appreciable which makes them ideal for usage under heavy equipment and machinery placements, i.e. gym interiors and exercise rooms.

Not to mention that rubber is a soft and cushioned material that alleviates the concern of providing comfort and relaxation underfoot. Hence, high-quality rubber floors last a longer period in comparison to other types of flooring options.

2. Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance Required

Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance Required

Contrary to wooden, vinyl, and other flooring options that need to be taken well care of, rubber floors are really easy to clean and require low maintenance. The only problem is the accumulation of dust, dirt, or grime on the surface which can be solved by regular vacuuming.

And as far as maintenance is concerned, you can mop these floors once every week using a solution containing water and mild detergent. Therefore, these incredible floors will be beneficial to you when it comes to cleaning and maintenance practices.

3. An Anti-Slip Flooring Option

An Anti-Slip Flooring Option

Another great advantage of having rubber floors installed in your place is that you’ll not have to face slip-and-fall injuries. The reason is really basic and that is the non-slip backing of rubber floors.

Here, the thing to consider is that high-quality rubber floors are designed to exceed the minimum coefficient of friction standards thus, providing you with an anti-slip flooring option similar to the choice of quality Waterhog mats. Besides impact absorption properties, the anti-slip feature of rubber flooring adds another reason for its installation in gyms and exercise interiors.

4. An Eco-Friendly Type Of Flooring

An Eco-Friendly Type Of Flooring

Rubber is a type of material that can be recycled and reused to make other useful products and therefore, purchasing rubber floors will help you play your part in environmental conservation. Hence, rubber floors make for an eco-friendly flooring option.

5. Rubber Flooring Helps With Noise Reduction

Rubber Flooring Helps With Noise Reduction

If you’re surprised by seeing this rubber flooring property, don’t be because aside from impact absorption, you’ll get the benefit of noise reduction as well. In explanation, rubber floors can cause a significant reduction of at least 20 db noise in the interior. Thus, most of the sound waves in the interior will be absorbed up to the extent that you’ll be able to feel the difference.

6. Rubber Floors Are Resistant In Nature

Rubber Floors Are Resistant In Nature

Rubber floors offer resistance to static charge (electricity) and against water and moisture damage. The impact resistance properties have already been discussed in the above section. In addition, these floors are resilient in nature to the damage caused by cigarette burns and chemical spills. Not to mention that you’ll face no problem because of stains besides mold and mildew growth.

7. Versatile Color Choice Availability

Versatile Color Choice Availability

Of course, when you consider a flooring option for your space, you’ll surely look for the aesthetic appeal of that product. In terms of rubber flooring, there will be no problem because rubber flooring is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

And having that said, you can easily select a complementary accent that can blend well with the interior theme and is also in accordance with your aesthetic taste. Additionally, rubber-design flooring options will definitely add to the beauty of your space besides putting more weight into the dimensional scale of your home interior.

Some Additional Beneficial Features Of Rubber Flooring

  • Unlike some other types of flooring that can’t maintain their shape even though hard-wearing, rubber flooring will always keep up with its dimensions.
  • Depending upon the quality, size, type, and aesthetic appeal of rubber floors, you’ll find them inexpensive as compared to other flooring options.
  • Unlike PVC, rubber flooring is free from all toxic chemicals that can risk your health and well-being.

In Summary

Rubber floors comprise either natural or synthetic rubber materials and are available in three different types i.e. mats, rolls, and tiles. In this article, we’ve described all the reasons that have put rubber flooring in high demand nowadays. Speaking of the benefits, these floors are durable, resilient, low-maintenance and hard-wearing besides offering resistance to stains, moisture damage, molds, mildew, etc. In addition, rubber floors feature an anti-slip backing surface and are one of the eco-friendly flooring options. Not to mention that choosing rubber floors will not let you compromise the decor aspect of your space, as well.

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