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What Are Some Cheap And Durable Flooring Options?

Some Cheap And Durable Flooring Options

The dream to achieve a flawless, attractive, and elegant home interior can only be fulfilled by taking some important interior elements into consideration which include furniture, flooring, window coverings, and some other decorative factors. When it comes to the upgradation of interior decor and style, flooring is something that plays the most significant role in defining the whole outlook.

Fortunately, technological advancement has provided us with a diverse collection of flooring options with each type comprising distinct characteristic features. And if you’re looking for an affordable yet durable flooring option that doesn’t make you compromise the aesthetic appeal of your home interior, then you’ll be mesmerized to hear that there are many options to go for.

The Most Substantial And Inexpensive Flooring Options

With that being said, even on a tight budget, you still have the freedom to have a selection from a wide variety of flooring options. In this article by Mats Dubai, we’re going to explain all the inexpensive yet sturdy flooring options that also won’t disappoint you when it comes to interior décor and style management. So, let’s start by explaining the first flooring choice on our list.

1. Laminate Wooden Flooring

Laminate Wooden Flooring

For homeowners that want to mimic the style and appearance of real hardwood floors but are limited by the restrictions of low-budget requirements, laminate wooden flooring can be the best choice. Adding to that, laminate flooring is durable, resilient, and extremely heavy-duty, as well.

Also, you can opt for an easy, DIY installation of laminate wood tile flooring because the individual slats fit in quite easily and you just need to place an underlay before installing the floor tiles. And having that said, laminate flooring also comes with a major risk of moisture damage because water can easily seep through the floor tiles.

And just like that, laminate may not be the most comfortable flooring option because of the hard surface. However, speaking of the cost/affordability aspect, laminate floors can beat many options in comparison thus, making it an value-for-money option overall.

2. Vinyl Sheet & Plank Flooring

Vinyl Sheet and Plank Flooring

First, we’ll discuss vinyl sheet flooring which is a PVC-manufactured option and therefore, is heavy-duty, resilient, and lasts for a longer period. As in the name, individual slats/sheets are available for this type of flooring option that needs to be put together for an efficient installation.

Speaking of aesthetic appeal, you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of options in terms of design, color, and textures. Coming towards the dimension, mostly you’ll find sheet vinyl flooring in 6 and 12 inches widths on the market.

For vinyl plank flooring, you can easily create an illusion of real hardwood flooring installed in your home interior. As far as installation is concerned, the click-lock system will make the DIY installation efficient and simple.

Moving to the affordability factor, the cost depends upon the type of option you’ll choose according to your preferences. Because there are many options in this category such as waterproof, luxury, rigid core, and engineered vinyl plank flooring.

3. Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring

The visual appeal of vinyl and linoleum is somewhat similar, however, linoleum is a little bit more expensive than vinyl. But again, you’ll find it very affordable in comparison to epoxy, wooden, and other flooring options. Apart from being cost-effective, linoleum floors are durable, easy to clean, and resilient as well.

Not to mention that you can opt for linoleum for being an eco-friendly flooring choice. Besides, these floors offer resistance to water damage up to a considerable extent. However, the drawbacks are compulsory and for linoleum, UV rays act as a major damaging factor, resulting in the discoloration of its surface. Last but not least, you can self-install linoleum floors on an even, flat surface, however, uneven surfaces may require the services of a professional.

4. Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

If you’re looking to purchase a flooring option that offers comfort and relaxation underfoot besides being cheap and durable as well, then there could be nothing better for you than carpet flooring. When it comes to interior décor and style maintenance, you won’t be disappointed because carpet floors are available in a diverse collection of colors, styles, and materials.

Speaking of the durability factor, the choice of fabric material will decide whether your final home interior flooring treatment is hard-wearing, or not. However, you should not go for a DIY installation of carpet floors because any miscalculation in the measurement of the interior dimension or carpet cutting will lead to the wastage of your valuable investment.

Coming to the cost-effectiveness of carpet flooring, the prices may vary a little bit depending on the choice of fabric, size, and quality of the materials, however, it still won’t be too expensive or out of your budget. And when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance, you’ll need to be extremely careful and precise with the choice of cleaning solution for preventing damage to the fibers.

5. Bamboo Floors

#1 Bamboo Floors

When it comes to cheap flooring choices, one can’t forget the most popular option in this concern i.e. bamboo flooring. In comparison to traditional hardwood flooring options, bamboo floors are durable and sustainable up to a great extent besides being affordable as well. Also, bamboo floors feature the same click-and-lock installation system as present in vinyl flooring.

However, bamboo floors require you to place an extra underlayment which has to be bought separately prior to installing these floors. And with cheap bamboo floors, there are no scratch or dent-resistant properties available

6. Ceramic Flooring Tiles

Ceramic Flooring Tiles

When water resistance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, all are the primary flooring requirements, then ceramic tiles are the only option left to be used as a treatment. These floors are particularly installed in the bathroom and kitchen interiors because of excess water accumulation in these areas.

Because ceramic floor tiles are not susceptible to buckling or swelling due to water damage, these floors last for a longer duration. Easy to clean, durable, and inexpensive are some terms that best define ceramic tile floors. Hence, they make an ideal choice for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, toilets, etc.


7. Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

A high-gloss, attractive floor surface comprising no-wax flooring materials is only available in the form of polished concrete floors. These types of floors make for a relatively low-cost flooring option that includes the features of surface strength, water resistance, and attractiveness.

Adding to that, polished concrete floors, if well maintained, can easily last a lifetime. Anyhow, you will find these floors hard, cold, and uncomfortable and they can’t be DIY installed thus, adding the expense of professional installation services to the overall flooring cost.

The Bottom Line

The importance of flooring can never be neglected when it comes to interior décor and style upgrades. In this article, we’ve explained all the benefits and drawbacks of the most inexpensive yet durable flooring options that won’t let you compromise the décor and style of your home interior. Speaking of these flooring options, you have laminate wooden, vinyl, linoleum, carpet, bamboo, ceramic tile, and polished concrete floorings to go for. You can have a selection from all these choices considering your personal preferences and interior décor requirements.

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