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Why Go For Coir Entrance Matting?

Why Go For Coir Entrance Matting

You must be well aware of the importance of floor matting, especially those placed in the entryways or at the front doors. Most people when looking to replace their entrance mats come across the option of coir entrance matting and wonder what type of entrance mats are these and why one should consider them.

If you’re one of such people and want to know about coir entrance mats regarding their structural composition and the benefits offered by them, then you’re fortunate because today’s topic of discussion at Mats Dubai is to summarize the fundamental significance of having coir mats placed in your home entrance.

Now that you’re going to make a choice among all the available options for entrance mats, you must be looking at some of the basic entrance mat features like the ability to trap dust, dirt, and moisture, performance, durability, resilience, customizability, lifespan expectancy, etc.

And, you’ll be mesmerized to hear that we’ve described coir mats in this article on the basis of all these and regarding various other factors too, so as to help you make an informed decision about choosing coir mats.

The Fundamental Significance Of Having A Coir Mat Placed On Your Door Front

Before we move on to explaining all the beneficial features of coir mats, you should be informed about the structural composition of coir mats. Therefore, prior to moving any further, we’re going to answer the most asked question, “What Are Coir Mats Made Of?”.

The natural coconut fibers (the outside husk of the coconut) are used in the making of coir mats and that’s why coir mats are also often termed coconut fiber mats. Actually, these coconut fibers are weaved in a fashion that makes them sturdy enough to scrape off the dust, dirt, and moisture from the shoes.

Adding to that, the short, tough bristles of coir mats allow them to be more effective when cleaning the underneath of shoes to prevent grime and moisture from entering the home. That’s why coir mats are always preferred as the best entrance mat choice for all commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Now that you’ve had a crystal-clear understanding of the structural composition of coir entrance matting, it’s time to discuss the benefits offered by this floor mat option so as to help you make a decision about whether this mat purchase will be a beneficial and valuable one or not.

1. Coir Entrance Mats Are Exceptionally Absorbent

Coir Entrance Mats Are Exceptionally Absorbent

When looking for an ideal entrance mat, the primary aim is to make a choice that doesn’t let dirt, dust, grime, and moisture into the home, thus selecting an option with super-absorbent properties.

Because if one fails to make such a choice, then the purpose of buying an entrance mat will not be fulfilled, besides there will be an increase in the number of slip-and-fall accidents in the interior due to water accumulation making the flooring surface slippery.

Also, you will need to frequently clean the home’s interior due to added dust, dirt, and grime. However, you’ll be pleased to know that coir entrance mats won’t let you face all the issues because of their super-absorbent surface texture that captures all the build up immediately and scrapes off moisture from underneath the shoes efficiently.


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2. Coir Doormats Are Incredibly Durable & High-performance

Coir Doormats Are Incredibly Durable & High-performance

Of course, the second thing to look at when choosing entrance mats is the very feature of durability. As you know, there will be no point in buying an aesthetically pleasing doormat that can’t withstand high-foot traffic and all the intensity of the outdoor environment.

Because such an investment won’t last long and you’ll need to replace that entrance mat soon after the purchase. With that being said, you would have been informed of the importance of the durability factor for an entrance mat.

In the case of coir matting, you need not worry about this aspect because the coconut fibers used in the manufacturing of these floor mats are tightly woven together to form short, stiff bristles that account for the hard-wearing ability of coir mats.

Therefore, coir mats can easily withstand high foot traffic, the effects of damaging rays of the Sun, and other environmental elements which make them last longer than expected. Thus, making a choice of coir matting will totally be a valuable and beneficial purchase.

3. Offer A Perfect Fit To Your Door Front

Offer A Perfect Fit To Your Door Front

Unlike rubber matting which is available in standard sizes, coir matting can be cut precisely to fit any door’s front space. Actually, coir matting is available in the form of large rolls or bundles, from which a part can be cut precisely to fulfill all your space requirements.

Hence, you won’t need to place an order for custom coir matting because you can simply have them cut to the required dimensions. And as far as the thickness of these customizable floor mats is concerned, there are many different options available with each matting roll comprising a distinct thickness, therefore making it easy to single out a suitable choice for a certain requirement.


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4. A Customizable Entrance Matting Option

Customizable Entrance Matting Option

Just like floor mats made up of fabrics, coir matting is available in a range of astonishing color options and can also be customized to add a logo and print to the mat’s surface. Hence, if you’re purchasing coir mats for a commercial or business place, then you can easily add branding to advertise your company and carve an overall good impression on the customer’s mind.

As far as the color choices are concerned, the availability of coir mats in a range of astonishing color options can help you add to the exterior décor of your residential or commercial place. Hence, the visual appeal of your property’s exterior will be improved to a great extent with coir matting.


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5. An Environment-Friendly Entrance Mat Choice

An Environment-Friendly Entrance Mat Choice

Unlike doormats manufactured using synthetic fibers, coir mats are made up of 100% natural coconut fibers which makes them an environment-friendly matting option. Also, these doormats are not treated with any harmful synthetic chemicals and therefore, this choice of entrance matting will help you play your role in the conservation of the environment.

6. A Cost-Effective Entrance Matting

Cost-Effective Entrance Matting

When it comes to affordability, coir mats will be found at the top of the list for being inexpensive. In comparison to all other types of entrance matting options, these are super affordable. And, considering all the benefits offered by coir mats, this purchase seems to be cheap, beneficial, and completely value-for-money for any and every residential or commercial entrance.

In The End!

In this article, we’ve defined coir entrance matting on the basis of durability, functionality, customizability, and cost-effectiveness. And have found coir matting to be cheap, purposeful, durable, and highly absorbent in nature, as well.

Besides, there is no need to mention that coir matting is an eco-friendly and biodegradable choice that can be easily made to fit the exact requirements of any door front. We hope to succeed in providing you with all the reasons that make coir entrance matting an ideal choice to consider.

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