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7 Ideas For Innovative Exhibition Flooring

ideas for exhibition flooring

What comes to your mind when you think of a trade show booth? Backdrops, banner strands, signage, demonstration tables, adequate lighting, and flooring are the elements that make up a trade show exhibition. The most important element adding to the visual interest of the overall scenario is flooring.

If you’re looking for the best exhibition flooring options, you luckily came across the most informative piece of writing. Because Mats Dubai is to put forth the best exhibition flooring options for your assistance.

7 Exhibit Flooring Solutions To Captivate Trade Show Visitors

Exhibition flooring sets the tone and attracts visitors by creating a professional and cohesive look and offering a textured and comfortable surface for visitors. Adding new flooring to the existing trade show layout is an effective décor upgrade for the exhibition. Let’s continue to the first flooring option on the list.

1. Tile Flooring: A Smart & Flexible Option

Tile flooring is a great idea due to its availability in a wide variety of style options. Moreover, there is no fuss about the size and scale proportion or measurement because the number of tiles needed can be regulated accordingly.

For instance, if you want to increase the flooring area, simply add some more tiles and you’re good to go. In addition, the interlocking design mechanism brings installation efficiency. Not to mention that you can choose from rubber, plastic, foam, and carpet tile options for your desired solution.

No matter whether it’s carpet or foam tiles, the added comfort and support to your employee’s feet work wonders when standing hours long.

Raised Flooring Tiles

Speak of flooring design innovation and you’ll find raised flooring tile as the ultimate result. These are modular floor panels that are elevated above the subfloor with the help of a custom-sized framework to create an accessible space for electrical, data, and other services.

There is extra space underneath raised tile flooring for cables and accessories that remain perfectly hidden from the viewer’s eyes. This way the flooring design stands out to make your trade show a highlight among the visitors.

2. The “Fifth Wall” Brand Initiative

Visitors’ attention to your trade show booth is all that matters and the right choice of flooring plays an important role in this aspect. The best option to incorporate branding and get the attention of visitors is custom-printed exhibition flooring.

There are various types of floor covering options that can be customized for exhibition branding i.e. foam, vinyl, carpet, plastic, wood grain, etc. Even though there are other varieties available, the mentioned options can handle the printing process and display your graphics effectively.

3. The Eco-Friendly Choice: Rollable Bamboo Flooring

Looking for a flooring solution that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly? Rollable bamboo wood flooring is a great choice for maintaining an environmentally friendly image. It’s lightweight and simple to put together, comes in a variety of natural tones, and is made from highly sustainable wood.

Best of all, it has a high-end, fantastic appearance, giving your trade show an instant facelift.

4. Add Visual Interest With Patterned Flooring

Don’t want any more branding for your trade show booth, you can experiment with flooring patterns and designs for adding visual interest and attraction to your exhibition area. Similarly, you can go bold with printed flooring options.

It may be a herringbone pattern, chevron designs, or some other high-impact printed flooring options in two or three colors. For instance, laminate flooring in a herringbone pattern offers a stylish and elegant outlook.

5. Draw Attention To Detail With Exhibition Flooring

Your trade show flooring should be colorful enough to attract the visitors and this feature of exhibition flooring can be used for various benefits. For instance, you can have custom exhibit flooring design with distinct color markings and boundaries to specify elements or locations in your trade show booth.

It’s a smart flooring design idea that helps you save a lot of flooring space by eliminating the need of extra walls to define locations or elements. Similarly, you can outline the flooring parameter with a distinct and attractive pattern or vibrant colored boundary marking to draw the attention of the visitors.

6. Add Zeal & Zest With Colorful Lights

Making an impression with colorful boundary markings is a great approach to attract the visitors. What if you could make it more convenient for the visitors to recognize your trade show booth? All that is required for this purpose are some vibrant LED strips.

You can arrange these light strips in a variety of patterns around the specified location boundaries or demonstration areas. But why only LED strips and not any other alternative? Because they are flexible, waterproof, resilient, and come with an easy-to-mount stripable backing.

One thing that you need to be careful of when decorating various sections on exhibition flooring is to not include too many colors. Because even though it will draw attention, too many bright colors will clash and merge making it really difficult for the visitors to perceive the necessary information.

7. Add Rugs To The Old Booth Flooring

If your budget restricts you buying new flooring for a trade show booth, the best idea is to place rugs over the flooring. Be sure to buy rugs that will cover the maximum area of the exhibition floor and there is no damage visible to the visitors.

It may be a single rug purchase that is to be placed in the center or multiple rugs covering different specified sections on the flooring. The choice of rug color, style, and pattern is an all-important decision.

Because the flooring outlook is dependent on the rug appearance. Under such conditions, it’s better to avoid LED strips because they’ll only highlight the old flooring and nothing more. And, you can define specific locations or elements using rugs.

Plus, you have to be extremely careful that all the rugs are identical for a cohesive feel and improved aesthetics. Don’t place too many rugs over a small flooring surface because this will make the area look cluttered and crowded.

The Crux

Flooring is an essential element of the trade show booth that brings together all the exhibition design elements. We’ve explained 7 creative flooring ideas that can immediately transform the look and feel of your exhibition booth to attract the customers. You can benefit from any of these flooring solutions for completing the design of your trade show booth and get additional benefits.

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