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How To Utilize A Small Porch Area?

Utilize small porch area

Outdoor spaces increase your home’s livable square footage, so one should, by all means, make use of this extra-added space. A small porch area can be a challenge to decorate, but with some creativity and planning, it can be easily transformed into a cozy and functional space.

If you also want to utilize your porch area don’t worry about the diminutive space because even the most compact spaces can be glorified with a creative approach to décor and styling. At Mats Dubai, our today’s topic of discussion today is all about explaining the most stylish ideas to capitalize on a small porch.

Small Space, Big Impact: Stylish Ways To Transform Your Porch

The best approach to styling and decoration is to know what to put where for efficient space usage and a visual impression. Even the smallest of home front porches can be equipped with multi-purpose seating, accessories, plants, etc for decoration purposes. Let’s begin with the first idea on our list for creatively utilizing a small porch.

1. Use Space Sensibly

The total available space in your home exterior is limited so you wouldn’t like stuffing items and accessories for decoration. Under such conditions, it’s better to think of organizing the already available accessories and items.

For instance, you should not think of cramming the home’s front door with the mailbox, house plate, doorbell, light fixtures, and other accessories. Instead, you can mount some of these items like house number and mailbox on the porch beams.

2. Decorate With Planters

If there are no porch beams and only the entryway, it’s best to place planters or flower pots on the sides of the front door entrance. This approach makes a style statement if there are steps on the way up to the home entrance.

The effect of added flowers/plants can be intensified by painting the stairs and the planter in the same color and following the theme of the home exterior.

3. Porch Wall Decoration

It can be that the porch area has no beams but walls on the side with the door front a little back on the way inside. It will be a restricted space with no room for a mailbox, house plate, and all. So, what are the possible options to utilize this space?

For the best outlook and positive impression, it’s best that you decorate the porch walls with colorful tacks, drawings, paper crafts, and designs.

4. Color The Front Door

The first impression is all that’s about and nothing else. So, why should you not paint your home’s front door? Yes, it is one of the best approaches to home exterior décor upgrades. Not to mention that it’s a budget-friendly porch styling idea as well.

Don’t forget to take the existing color of the home exterior into account. In this context, the color of the rug placed in front of the door and the door itself if matched is going to spruce up the porch outlook and appearance.

5. Beautify The Porch Beams

Utilizing a small porch compels you to look for out-of-the-box solutions for a home exterior that’s perfectly defined. The porch beams are to be decorated for adding interest, uniqueness, and attraction to your home outdoors.

For this purpose, you can buy artificial flower hanging vines from the market. Also, you can indulge yourself in a fun DIY activity to craft decorative bales by picking flowers from your home garden. The plan is to decorate the porch beams with flower bales that are hung in a circular pattern around each beam.

6. Add Lantern Sconces Outside

The above-explained décor ideas are powerful enough to add sparkle to your home exterior but only during the daytime. How can you highlight the home exterior at night? The answer is to add lantern sconces outside.

For this purpose, the light bulb on the front door is to be reinstated at the top of the front porch. And, two lantern sconces are to be installed on either side of the front door. It can be further enhanced by adding decorative soft lighting to the front door.

7. Place Outside Some Chairs & A Table

The easiest way to make your home porch area functional, no matter if it’s a small space, is to have a seating arrangement. Home outside seating includes some chairs around a small center table. Keep in mind that the seating arrangement can either add sparkle and freshness to the overall scenario or make it look more crowded and unattractive.

Therefore, the size of the chairs and the table should fit the space perfectly. We advise you to avoid placing upholstered furniture in your small-sized home porch area and have wooden rolling chairs or steel chairs instead. Not only will these chairs take up less space but also can be painted to match the décor and home exterior theme.

8. Connect To The Outdoors

If your home exterior comprises a garden or lawn right after the porch, it’s better to think about adding greenery to the porch area. For this purpose, there is a range of elements i.e. flower hanging baskets, garden bales, planters, etc.

However, this approach will surely make a visual impact on the nerves if you lower the front porch clutter by timely cutting grass in the garden/lawn.

9. Hang Curtains For Privacy

Hanging curtains around the porch beams to cover all three sides of the open porch area gives a sense of privacy for a seating arrangement. It will also help to block out the Sun and provide shade in addition to adding style and privacy to your home front porch area.

10. Place A Bench & Accessories Outside

A small wooden bench placed along the home wall with some accessories to fill the design gap is a budget-friendly, stylish, and practical way to utilize your small-size home front porch. Also, a rolling chair placed in one of the corners with a side table placed along can make a difference.

Some Other Useful & Creative Ideas

There are a ton of useful and creative ideas for delightful and practical porch conversions, that too, considering the limited area of the porch. Some of the best ideas include adding a swing, creating a vertical garden, incorporating a bar cart or workspace, using a hammock, and hanging string lights.

The Takeaway

By incorporating seating, plants, lighting, storage, and décor, you can easily transform the front porch into a stylish and practical home exterior. In this post, we’ve described the most helpful, affordable, and practical ways to utilize a small porch area. You can put into practice any of these ideas according to your personal styling preferences and the amount of money you want to spend on front porch decoration.

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