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Everything You Need To Know About Removing Carpet Stains

remove carpet stains

Carpets are the most crucial element in homes that add warmth, style, and comfort to the interiors. To improve the interior design of a space and add a gentle feel underfoot, carpets are the best choice to settle for. However, despite plenty of care and maintenance, carpets can get stained and dirty due to many reasons such as spills, food particles, dirty shoes, and pet damage. Ideally, it is better to treat stains of any type right away whether it is from the coffee spills, or mud buildup.

Spot cleaning and immediate treatment of stains prove much more effective than the removal of older stains. Not every stain is the same and can be removed easily from the surface of the carpet, plus oftentimes rubbing the stains makes them penetrate a lot deeper into the carpet. So if you want to restore the look of the carpet by removing the stains and without worsening the situation, this guide by Mats Dubai is for you. We have provided a variety of instructions and methods for getting the stains out of the carpet.

Steps To Get Rid Of Carpet Stains

Aside from the types of stains, carpet fiber materials make a difference when it comes to the treatment, as some stains can be treated or removed easily while others give a hard time. For example, the removal of stains from shaggy or wool carpets requires a lot of care. Before you proceed to treating the carpet stains, make sure you have all the requisite tools and materials.

Required Tools & Materials

To get the stains out of your carpets Dubai, you will need these tools and supplies listed below:

  • Thin spatula or old credit card
  • Soft-bristled nylon scrub brush
  • Small bowl
  • Sponge (optional)
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum or bucket
  • White or Paper towels
  • Carpet stain remover
  • Dishwashing liquid

1. Identify The Stain

The detection of carpet stains is the first stage in the cleaning process. Your carpet may have a coffee stain. Pets, juice, ink, or anything oil-based. Checking the stain’s color and smell is the best approach to determine what kind it is. The clue you get from checking or smelling will help you treat the stain way better.

It is easy to eliminate water-based stains but removal of protein-based and oil-based stains takes some time and effort. After you identify the type of stain, it becomes easy to treat it timely.

2. Lift & Blot

The expert advice for getting rid of stains is to never massage them. All it does is make the stain worse and more challenging to remove. It’s crucial to remove and wipe the stain as soon as possible. A good spatula, an old credit card, or paper towels can be used to remove the stain. Paper towels can also be used for blotting.

Avoid using too much force while using a credit card to scrub the carpet surface in order to prevent the strands from fraying. The surface of the carpet will be harmed, and even after the stain is removed, the affected region will still look different. All you require to remove the extra moisture and dab up the liquid stains is a microfiber towel. Just push it down on the area that is to be blotted and dry it periodically.

3. Use Homemade Solutions

Pre-treating stains is the best way to get them out of your carpets. For water-based stains, homemade stain-cleaning solutions can be used. Dishwashing soap and water or diluted vinegar solutions prove effective to remove stains. When pouring the solution, work from the outside of the stains to the inside so that the spreading of stains can be avoided.

Blot with the help of a damp cloth to eliminate the soapy residue. Properly clear out the excessive solution from the carpet surface. Let the carpet air dry completely to not leave any odor behind.

4. Buy A Stain Remover

For the stains of ink, nail paint, wine, and coffee, homemade solutions might not be much effective. However, before you use any commercial product, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow them. If there are any bleaching or harmful ingredients involved in a solution, avoid buying it. You can check if it is appropriate for your carpet by doing a patch test.

If the color of the fabric starts fading, never use it over your carpet. You can use all-purpose cleaners and pour some drops over the stain. Take a damp microfiber cloth and press it over the stain. Make sure to exert pressure but don’t scrub it. You can change the cloth sides to not let the lifted stains damage the carpet surface again.

5. Prevent Reappearing Of Carpet Stains

You removed the stains from carpets with some cleaners but after a few days, you notice that the stain appears again. Sometimes, the residue left behind that was not lifted, blotted, or rinsed properly makes these stains show up again.

When the stain goes into the backing of the carpet, it comes back over the carpet surface after some time which is referred to as wicking. Treating stains right away, essentially before they get settled deeper into the surface, is the best way to avoid their reappearing. Besides that, you can place a towel or a stack of paper towels over the spot.

In The End

The most practical and aesthetically pleasing house accessory is a carpet. Depending on how heavily they are used, carpets may eventually become soiled from unintentional spills. Without adequate care and upkeep, carpets begin to accumulate dust and other greasy stains that detract from their aesthetic appeal.

You can use an industrial or homemade cleaner to successfully remove stains from carpets. Determine the stain’s kind first, then gather the equipment and resources required. Your carpet stains can easily be removed with DIY remedies. Also, there are several all-purpose industrial cleaners available to get rid of difficult stains from the carpets.

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