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How To Clean & Maintain Mosque Carpets In Dubai?

clean mosque carpet

Mosques are the central places to offer prayer for the Muslim communities and carpets are the must-have part of the mosque décor. To have a calmative and cozy environment and a clean surface to worship, carpets are installed on the mosque floors. Over time, carpets can get stained, and dirty, and dust can accumulate in their fibers due to the daily wear and tear they are exposed to. As carpeted Mosque floors are the places of prostration to God, it goes without saying that they must be thoroughly clean and hygienic for ensuring health and comfort of the worshippers.

To prevent the odors from developing and germs from spreading, the carpets in the mosques need to be cleaned after some time. Cleaning mosque carpets the right way can be a daunting task that should be undertaken by professionals. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, you can rely on the steps mentioned in this guide for effective outcomes.

Steps To Clean Mosque Carpets In Dubai

Carpets for mosques can be DIY steam or dry-cleaned using the adequate equipment. To avoid damaging the fibers, and colors of carpets, it is important to be careful at every point. Here is the list of materials and tools listed by Mats Dubai, required to clean and maintain mosque carpets in Dubai.

Requisite Tools & Supplies

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Carpet Shampoo Or Cleaner
  • Stain Remover
  • Steamer
  • Brushes
  • Hose

1. Prepare For Decluttering First

After you grab the needed tools and materials for the mosque carpet cleaning, start by removing all objects from the carpet surface. Vacuum or sweep the entire carpet surface to get rid of any loosened dirt and dust.. Decluttering and preparing the area before carpet cleaning will ensure a hassle-free process.

2. Pre-Treat The Stains

Spot cleaning is the ideal way to keep the carpets cleaned and preserved for a long time. For effective cleaning, it is important to treat stubborn stains first. You can use stain removal sprays to pre-treat the marks and stubborn stains. The spray formula must be acid-free.

You can check if it is right for the carpet or not by spraying it on a non-significant part. If you notice that the color fades away from that particular area, don’t use that element and try getting another one that is free from harsh chemicals. Also, never rub the surface too harshly while removing stains from the carpet surface.

3. Remove Dirt & Dust

Removing dust and dirt from the carpets is the next step to do before deep or steam cleaning. To eliminate the dust from the carpet’s surface, you can use a stiff brush. Aside from that, you can shake the carpet with a stick to remove the dust and blow out the dirt.

A vacuum cleaner is an effective way to make your carpet dust-free. You can start from each corner of the room and work inwards to clean the dust particles from the carpet surface. To achieve better outcomes, you can go over the carpet with the vacuum once more.

4. Steam Clean The Carpet

Here comes the steam cleaning process for the carpets through which you can deep clean them. After spot cleaning of carpets and dust removal, you can move to steam cleaning. If you cannot manage to purchase steam cleaners, you can have them on rent.

Fill the steam cleaning machine with hot water and use any mild carpet cleaner in accordance with the specified amounts. The steam cleaner will deep clean the carpet by making the steam of hot detergent water reach the fibers.

5. Dry Clean The Carpets

Dry cleaning of the carpet is another effective cleaning method that helps deodorize and revamp the carpet fibers. For mosque carpet dry cleaning, you can use a dry cleaning agent or even Baking Soda and sprinkle it over the carpet.

After sprinkling the dry cleaning agent, use the scrubber or a brush to scrub the surface gently. Wait for around 25 minutes after scrubbing until the agent draws germs from carpets. To take out the powder, you can use the vacuum cleaner and move it in a back and forth to dry the carpet.

6. Think About Hiring Professionals For Deep Cleaning

In case you don’t have enough time, you can seek professional help to clean mosque carpets. That’s because they use vacuum extractor machines to clean the large-sized mosque carpets thus help you save energy and time.

These machines completely suck up dirt and dust and also remove sticky, dirty, and greasy stains. They also have polisher and scrubber machines that can be set right according to the type of carpets. With the scrubber machine, they don’t have to use much effort and the cleaning job is done most efficiently.

Expert Maintenance Tips For Mosque Carpets

To care for mosque carpets Dubai, you will need to follow the tips mentioned below;

  • Avoid the carpet’s exposure to direct sunlight because the intensity of light can cause the carpet to fade. For this, you can use blinds or curtains in front of the window.
  • Try exposing the carpet backing from time to time to avoid the growth of mold, and bad odor.
  • The floor on which the carpet is installed must not be soiled and the surface should be maximally clean.
  • While cleaning and dusting, make sure to open the windows so that dust doesn’t settle on carpets again.
  • If carpets are installed in a closed space, make sure to leave doors open once or twice a week to avoid moisture buildup.
  • Spot-clean the stains on the carpet and have any damaged parts repaired from an expert.
  • Never scrub the carpets too harshly while cleaning and make sure to use detergents or cleaners that are free from bleaching and acidic agents.

Final Note

Mosques are sacred places and a place to offer prayer must be free from any form of clutter. Along with the cleanliness of the body and clothes, it is important to keep the place where you worship completely clean. Speaking of the worshiping surface, over time, Mosque carpets can get dirty and dust can accumulate in between their fibers.

Therefore, we’ve got you this incredible DIY guide to carry out the carpet cleaning job most effectively and make your soft flooring last long and stay hygienic.

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