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The Benefits Of Smooth Rubber Matting For Commercial And Industrial Spaces

smooth rubber matting

The right choice of flooring for commercial and industrial spaces minimizes the likelihood of accidents and reduces maintenance costs. Also, it helps to improve employee productivity and create a positive image of your business with more growth in less time, thus helping you achieve a successful business eventually.

What’s the best flooring option for commercial and industrial spaces? The answer to this question is smooth rubber matting, but why? In this post by Mats Dubai, we’re going to explain the fundamental significance of picking smooth rubber matting as the ideal flooring for commercial and industrial working spaces.

The Perks & Pros Of Smooth Rubber Matting In Commercial & Industrial Spaces

Under the category of rubber flooring, we find smooth-textured rubber matting. Yes, both rubber flooring and smooth rubber matting are different products and have different usage aspects as well. Before moving on further, let’s explain to you briefly the difference between these flooring choices.

Rubber Flooring & Smooth Rubber Matting: The Comparison

Rubber flooring flourished to fame and popularity recently and continues to be a high-demand floor covering choice for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. All this credit can be justified with only two characteristic features of rubber floors i.e. durability and comfort provision.

Additionally, rubber floors are slip-resistant, cushioned, and sound-absorbent leading to more safety and improved comfort underneath the feet. Not to mention that they offer ease of cleaning and maintenance as well.

Coming towards smooth rubber matting, the differences are in the flooring texture and some other characteristics. It’s more smooth and even with a plain textured surface and therefore, offers more slip resistance.

Mostly, rubber smooth matting is placed in wet environments and spill-prone areas in the industry to prevent damage to the actual flooring. Speaking of the cost comparison, there’s not a noticeable difference in the pricing.

Now that you can visibly recognize these floor coverings, let’s continue to explain the advantages of smooth rubber matting.

1. Slip Resistance

Walkaways, ramps, and loading docks are the areas where most slip accidents happen. You can prevent all these fall or slip injuries just by placing a smooth-textured rubber mat over the specified area.

These smooth rubber mats offer excellent slip resistance and therefore, won’t let the workers get injured due to low friction between the flooring and the feet.

2. Durability/Longevity

Even though made from recycled rubber, these mats are the most durable floor covering options for commercial and industrial working spaces. They can easily endure the damaging effects from high-foot traffic over an extended period of time without any visible surface damage.

Depending on the floor thickness and area of placement, it may last even for decades with minimal care and maintenance. The impacts due to heavy equipment and machinery can’t attenuate its lifespan.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

Unlike traditional versions, smooth rubber matting has a smooth, plain, and even texture. Thus, the dust and dirt particles can be easily removed from the flooring surface. Similarly, spills, adhesives, chemicals, and harsh cleaning agents can also be removed without putting your valuable investment at risk of damage.

You can easily perform sweep cleaning, washing, vacuuming, and jet-stream cleaning on smooth rubber matting. Besides, there is no need to purchase specialized cleaners or high-end treatments to clean rubber matting surfaces.

To extend their lifespan and evenly distribute the impacts of wear and tear damage, you can switch sides for moveable mats after some time in terms of maintenance.

4. Comfort

Smooth rubber matting provides a cushioned surface that can help reduce fatigue and foot strain. This very much outlines how businesses increase the productivity of their workforce and enable them to succeed.

For instance, workers in the auto industry must stand all day long to ensure that auto parts are assembled correctly. That’s when the importance of flooring comfort gets highlighted.

5. Usage Versatility

Smooth rubber matting can be used in a variety of commercial working units and industrial settings. You can take advantage of these floor coverings with placement in warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, workshops, etc.

Even large-scale industrial facilities and manufacturing firms profit from the placement of smooth rubber matting in specific locations for their various working sectors.

6. Choice Variety

Rubber smooth matting is available in a range of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and grades on the market. Not to forget that the pricing factor varies accordingly. You can also have your rubber matting customized to fulfill the space and size requirements.

7. Acoustic Features

It can help reduce noise levels in commercial and industrial spaces, but the extent to which it can do so depends on several factors, such as the thickness of the matting and the nature of the noise source.

Generally, smooth rubber matting can help absorb sound and reduce noise levels by providing a barrier between the noise source and the surrounding environment. However, it is to note that rubber matting can’t completely eliminate the sounds but rather offer effective noise control.

8. Eco-Friendly Option

Rubber smooth matting is manufactured using 43% recycled plastic material and can be completely recycled again after spoilage. Thus, it’s a sustainable flooring choice that reduces the environmental damage to a significant extent.

9. Cost-Friendly Flooring

Smooth rubber matting is not an expensive floor covering even for large-sized commercial spaces. There’s only a minute cost difference between traditional rubber flooring and smooth rubber matting and therefore, you get to enjoy financial benefits.

10. Adaptable To All Floor Surfaces

Rubber matting can be easily fixed/installed onto any flooring surface. No matter whether the interior has been carpeted or concrete or tiled with marble, smooth rubber matting won’t slip from underneath your feet once installed.

Talking about extensive floor coverage as required in commercial or industrial spaces, there’ll be a need for professional installation to get the job done.

The Conclusion

Smooth rubber matting is an amazing floor covering for commercial and industrial spaces. It’s favorable for providing slip resistance, underfoot comfort, and acoustic alleviation. It’s also durable, easy to clean, and resistant to damage from chemicals, oils, and abrasions. Thus, an excellent investment for any space that requires safe, comfortable, and long-lasting flooring.

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